Why Does My LG Soundbar Subwoofer Keep Cutting Out?

Most people don’t know Why does My LG Soundbar Subwoofer Keep Cutting Out. It means the soundbar creates a disturbance in the sound or bass of the subwoofer which you connect with the soundbar. This issue can occur due to different settings or hardware problems. Because we connect a subwoofer to the soundbar through wireless or cables. When signals drop out from the soundbar the subwoofer keeps cutting out. Dont worry about it. I tell you why both keep cutting out the subwoofer with soundbar wireless+physcally.

When the soundbar connects with the subwoofer through Bluetooth. you should make sure the subwoofer is placed close to the soundbar. It means checking the distance between both devices. Check the stereo input and output cables. If you connect the subwoofer with the soundbar through cables. Then check all volume buttons and other settings of the soundbar. If you don’t know about the setting of the soundbar. Please read the guide below. Get more related information about this question.

Why Does my LG Sound Bar Subwoofer Keep Cutting Out?

When you feel that the subwoofer cutting out the sound or bass. From my experience, there can occur 3 main reasons for cutting out the sound. Bluetooth signal problems, input cables jack, and hardware+setting soundbar. These are common issues that most people faced. 

Why Does My LG Soundbar Subwoofer Keep Cutting Out?

Why does My Bluetooth Subwoofer Cut Out?

If you connect the soundbar to the subwoofer through Bluetooth First, you should check the distance between the soundbar and the subwoofer. If both devices are placed at more distance. Then their wireless signals drop out. It keeps cutting out. Please placed both devices close to each other.

Some other wireless devices can interfere with the subwoofer. Like sometimes we placed our cell phones near the subwoofer. It can disturb with sound + bass quality of the subwoofer. The magnet can interfere with the sound of the subwoofer. If the magnet is placed close to the subwoofer.

LG Sound Bar Keeps Cutting Out Optical Cable:

Mostly old version soundbars have no option of Bluetooth. Then we connect the soundbar with the subwoofer through optical cables or HDMI, AUX, etc. in this connection if your subwoofer keeps cutting out. First, check the cables which connect both device’s soundbar and subwoofer as input and output. If any cable is damaged then change it.

If any cable loses from the jack then again adjust it to the back jack point. Because sometimes occur this problem due to damage to the optical cables but we don’t know about it. You should  Always use branded cables or high quality. Because it gives the best performance and is useable for a long time. 

Software Setting Problems:

Maybe the setting of the soundbar will be incorrect. software is most important for working on the hardware of the soundbar. If the setting of the soundbar is incorrect. The subwoofer is not working correctly. Now pick the remote of the soundbar and check the software setting from the soundbar. If you don’t know about the correct setting of the sound. Please go to youtube or do reset the soundbar

If the problem doesn’t solve After resetting the soundbar. Then I think Another reason for this problem is the outdated software on the LG soundbar. Due to the older version of the software for your soundbar, it bad effect on the sound quality of the subwoofer. Please update the software of the soundbar for the best performance. There are two ways for updating software. 

First, download the updated software then you can use pc or laptop, and install it using USB. Second, you can use your smartphone and the LG music flow app to install it. 

Using Laptop/pc for update software:

  • First, you should visit the official website on google. Click the driver or software option On the support page.
  • Please search the model name of your soundbar in the search bar. Then download the updated file given.
  • After downloading the file. Please Rename the file name. First, you have to write the update module, add an underscore, and type the model name. After downloading the file.
  • Then, plug in the USB with your computer and format it in the FAT32 system. Now copy the file into the USB
  • Plugin the USB with a soundbar. then soundbar gives you a massage of upgrade. then press the play button on the remote of the soundbar. There will be Start an update of the soundbar.     

Using the LG music flow app to update software:   

  • First, you will download the LG Music flow app from the play store on your mobile phone. After installing open it.
  • Then You connect the mobile with a soundbar for software updating.
  •  After connecting the mobile with the soundbar then Go to the app setting If the version is outdated, you will get an option to download the new version. Download it and install the new version simply.
  • After updating the software in the soundbar the device will be restarted.

Hardware Issues In Soundbar:

One of the main reasons for hardware problems. Hardware problems consist of different parts of both devices. Most hardware issues are created due to any external forces and overflow of electricity. I think it is a technical issue. We cannot solve it easily like software problems. But if you know hardware. Then you can check and solve it easily.

Because there is probably nothing you can do about any hardware damages unless you are a mechanic. If you still have a warrant for the device. You can claim a report to the support center for solving problems. You should visit the official website according to your soundbar company. 

Do Soundbars Need Updates?

Updating is very important for the soundbar. If your soundbar is connected to the internet then the device will automatically update the software. But to use the auto-update the soundbar must be connected to the internet. If your soundbar is not connected to the internet then you will manually update the soundbar. If you don’t know about manually updating software on the device. I have explained this topic at the top. please read it carefully. 

Why Does My Surround Sound System Keep Cutting Out?

If your soundbar system keeps cutting out. Check all input and output cables ( HDMI and AUX) That are connected to a soundbar, TV, speakers, and A/Vreceiver. If any cables lose from jacks then it bad effect on the sound quality of the devices. One of the main reasons is the interference of any nearby electronic devices. Please remove all other electrical devices. Or Move the speaker wires away from other electrical cords.

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How do I Fix My LG Soundbar Subwoofer?

If you faced connecting issues. I think it is a common problem. First, you should be turning down the sound volume of the soundbar. If the volume is off. Then its connection will quickly. If now still the problems are not solved. Then unplug both devices from each other for 10 minutes. then again connect its devices. I hope your problem has been solved. when you are facing issues with your devices. Just relax for a few minutes and spend some time solving your problems. If you have a lite bit of common sense. You will be solved it easily. 

Why is My LG Subwoofer Blinking Green Fast?

If the indicator light blinks green. It means the unit is disconnected from the subwoofer. These light indicators show the performance of the units and woofer. There will be no sound from the subwoofer. Mostly this issue is created in the setting of the active subwoofer. You can reset it easily. Fellow these steps.

  • Press the STOP button on the unit and the number 6 button on the remote control at the same time and hold them for more than 5sec.
  • Then there will be shown the reset option click it.

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How Do I Reset My LG Sound Bar Subwoofer?

If you don’t know about facing issues in the soundbar. Then you can reset the soundbar easily. You can reset the soundbar through a remote system and buttons on top of the soundbar. 

    • Press and hold the power button and volume down button on the Soundbar for more than five seconds.
    • Unplug the AC power cord.
    • Plug the AC power cord back in again, and press the power button to turn on the unit.
    • I hope your soundbar has been reset.

Why Does My LG Soundbar Keep Going Off? 

Mostly soundbar keeps going off due to a normal issue. Which we can easily solve. I have already told you about it. It is an audio signal problem. Check your connection media. If you connect the soundbar with another device through wireless. Maybe be a connecting issue in the Bluetooth and wifi. 

Try to place both devices near each other for the best performance. Change all faulty cables which use for input and output between both devices. loose connections and the volume being too low, can all cause a soundbar to turn off. You should Unplug all cables for 30 seconds. Then plugin again.

Final Thought:

 Why does My LG Soundbar Subwoofer Keep Cutting Out?  it is a simple issue and we can easily solve it in quick ways. If you read carefully my guide. You can easily solve your problems. I have also explained more related information about this question. I explained both the software settings and hardware issues of the soundbar. I have explained both connections wirelessly and physically (cables). Because both connections are mostly useable.

We can easily solve Software problems and other software settings. Because it is very easy and we don’t need any screwdrivers or weapons. But when problems create in the hardware system of the soundbar. Then the screwdrivers are needed for solving the hardware problems of the soundbar subwoofer. I always tell you if you faced any problems with the software or hardware of the devices. Please just spend a few minutes solving problems. I hope you can solve your problems 100%

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