What is SPL Subwoofer?

What is SPL Subwoofer? SPL stands for sound pressure level. It is also called the subwoofer unit. There are two types of subwoofer units. SQL and SPL units fit in the subwoofer boxes. I think most people use the SPL subwoofer. Because its frequency is more than the SQL subwoofer. But it depends on you. People want an SPL unit when they prepared a subwoofer in their home. SPL contains a cone and magnet. But when we want sound from a subwoofer. So only SPL cannot perform. But we adjust the SPL in the box and connect it with the amplifier then it properly performs.

What is SPL Subwoofer?

Some people dont know the difference between SPL and SQ subwoofer. They dont know what is a better subwoofer unit. How to fix the subwoofer unit in the box. What do you prefer? (SQ or SPL) And why do you prefer it?. These are questions I get asked all the time.

I explained all common and papular topics about SPL & SQ subwoofers below.

What is SPL Subwoofer?

More types of Spl subwoofers are available in the markets.  Spl performs more high-quality sound. All big clubs and cinemas are using use the SPL subwoofers. But some people use subwoofers in the home. But they dont like more high limited sound. So they use an SQ subwoofer. SQ units subwoofer is best performed but has a limited frequency of sound. SQ will be loud but it will never be as loud as compared to the SPL setup. Both subwoofer units are best according to your mindset. 

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What’s The Difference? ( SQL Vs SPL )

First of all, SQL stands for sound quality levels that use to listen to the best quality sound of the subwoofer. Suppose you want to use a subwoofer in your home and in your car. I think SQ is the best sound frequency subwoofer. You can feel the nice and clear sound of the SQ subwoofer. 

SPL stands for sound pressure levels that use for more high-quality sound. Spl is more expensive than the SQ subwoofer. It’s used for special purposes like club dance parties etc. but primarily people like SPL subwoofer to have the loudest SPL car and I truly believe that is just for bragging rights. Then you best know. It depends on you. 

SPL Subwoofer Car Audio:

Some people want to use an SPL subwoofer in the car audio system. I have already explained that every person has different nature. If you like the high-quality sound you should use a high-quality SQ Subwoofer. It is best for your car and your ear. SPL subwoofer can damage your ears and car audio system but you don’t know. 

From my experience, SPL subwoofers can damage in a short time. Because when it is out the more high-frequency sound. The cone of the subwoofer cannot bear this situation. Although there is no hard spec that identifies SQ, it is always good to talk about sound quality in a car sub.

What Do you Prefer? (SQL or SPL) And Why Do you prefer It?

This question most people asked me and other internet social accounts. But I cannot force you into this situation. I have already told you that it depends on you and your nature. Because every person has a different mindset. You should prefer the SQ subwoofer. Because mostly use SQ subwoofer as compared to SPL.

I have always personally preferred SQ. because I have already used the SQ subwoofer. Its sound quality is clear and beautiful. SQ is never damaged due to out-of-the-limit sound. I like the SQ subwoofer to you. Because I am using the SQ subwoofer in my car box for a long time. Its lifetime is better than an SPL subwoofer. 

I am not saying that the SPL is a bad-quality subwoofer. Because most people also use SPL for their enjoyment. They will never avoid the SPL subwoofer. And anyone cannot force them. just I have explained the difference between SQ and SPL subwoofers.  

SPL Subwoofer Brands:

If you want to use an SPL subwoofer. Then you should use the brand SPL subwoofer for best performance. More SPL subwoofer is available in the market. But I prefer you few brand SPL subwoofer. Which you can purchase anywhere. 

  • Pioneer is an SPL subwoofer best quality sound 
  • QSC is an SPL subwoofer best quality sound 
  • Alto is Professional Is an SPL subwoofer best quality sound 
  • Electro-Voice is an SPL subwoofer best quality sound

SQL subwoofer brand :

  • Skar Audio VFX-12 D2 – 3000 Watts- ( sound+bass)
  • CT Sounds Tropo 8 – 2” voice coil-( sound+bass)
  • Skar Audio EVL-18 D4 – In black color -( sound+bass)
  • Pick: JL Audio W7AE-( sound+bass)
  • Sumsung – WXE4E full mex-( sound+bass)

Difference Between SPL / SQL Subwoofer Box?

The subwoofer unit fits in the box. Box made of wooden. Some people prepare subwoofers in their homes. They fit the subwoofer unit in the box and then connect it with the amplifier. You can use different colors and size boxes according to your setup. 

For example: if you want to set up your subwoofer in the car. First, you should check the space of the car where you fit the subwoofer. Then purchase a box according to space. 

You can fit easily the SPL unit in the box. You need a screwdriver and screws to adjust the subwoofer in the box. 

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Loudest Car Subwoofer in The World:

Pioneer TS6900PRO and Kicker Solo X Subwoofer have the most beautiful and loud clear sound. about my experience with these two best sound quality subwoofers. You can use this subwoofer in your car for the best performance. These subwoofers are best according to lifetime and sound quality. But make sure these subwoofers should contain original companies. It means it should not contain a copy of the original subwoofer. 


What is SPL Subwoofer? I also defined the difference between SQ and SPL. How to fix the subwoofer unit in the box. What do you prefer? (SQ or SPL) And why do you prefer it?. I think these questions are important and mostly asked by me. If you want subwoofer units for the box of your car or home.

I always shared information with you according to my personal experience. But I dont know that you have already gotten guides about topics. If you follow my steps. I give you a warranty that you will make the best decision about your topics. 

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