Subwoofer Popping When Turned Off?

I think many people facing the Pop issues in subwoofer and amp. It is a common issue for the subwoofer. If you face an issue about the subwoofer popping when turned off. You come to the right place. It Maybe occurs issues due to different creating problems like a supply issue, burns transistor, driver issues, connecting relay, input and output units, cables, etc. subwoofer can pop Due to a lite bit issue. Don’t worry about it. I have more and different techniques which we use for solving pop issues. We should take some important steps for it.

In my experience, we can do these steps easily at our home. I also take these steps when I face popping in my subwoofer. Every person can solve these problems according to their mindset. But I am defining some easy and quick steps which are famous and important in the world. Mostly pop issues occur when we are OFF/ON the subwoofer. At this time we worry about the subwoofer. It maybe creates problems in the amplifier that is connected with the subwoofer. Then we should check both devices. Because we can reach the exact problem. Now we are going to solve this problem though take more best.

Subwoofer Popping When Turned Off?

Now I want subwoofer Popping issues explained step by step in a few lines. Please carefully read the complete article at the end.   

Subwoofer Popping When Turned Off?

 Amplifier Problems: Sometimes many people face amplifier issues with a subwoofer popping sound. when the amplifier is not connected accurately to our subwoofer than the subwoofer pop. first, check the amplifier is working. Check the volume buttons, input-output units, and cables. Some time occur simply an issue in your amplifier. But most people dont check these common problems.   

Second, when we try to have more subwoofers connect with one amplifier then it can create a popping issue. A common issue is excessive volume from the amplifier.

Devices Driver:

Driver missing in your computer or different devices is a very famous issue. When your subwoofer is popping you should check your device’s driver which you connected with the subwoofer.  If your device’s driver is missing you can reinstall a new driver. Your subwoofer is very nearly fixed.

Connecting Relay:

We can use a relay in the subwoofer. I think it is very helpful for popping issues. Because it creates a problem when the current is in the high range. The relay can control the current. It transfers current according to needs. It can storge current from devices when turn off.  When the relay is not connected accurately to your amplifier devices then you face this problem. You should install a new relay on your device. The most commonly used relay like as the Electronic relay, and launching relay. If you don’t know how to install a relay for the subwoofer. please visit

Transistors issues:

Transistors make a common issue in subwoofers. When your transistors burn and bad condition. You should check all transistors and capacitors of the amplifier through an empire meter. If any transistor is not working then you should change it. Because the damaged transistor is storge current and when the device turns off. Then the storge current again supplies back time to the subwoofer. It creates pop problems in the subwoofer.       

Supply Problems:

Sometimes the main supply of a subwoofer can damage due to some reason. if the supply of the subwoofer is not transferred to full electricity. I think some issue with the main supply of the subwoofer. You can check the current from the supply through the empire meter.  You can solve it easily. You can change your supply or change your supply component which is stored with electricity.

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Why Does My Subwoofer Pop at High Volume?

I think my subwoofer is popping noise when I increase my subwoofer volume for enjoying songs, movies, dramas, Club parties, etc. Most people don’t care about the volume situation in the subwoofer. This is a very common problem for our subwoofers and is very tense for us. But don’t worry about these problems. we have solved it easily.

When my subwoofer is pop due to these problems you want that set your song volume a limitation. Your song base and volume should be equal. The commonly high volume of the subwoofer can damage components because the high volume is very upsetting for the audience. For this problem solution, we want less volume of the subwoofer. Due to the Volume increase, your subwoofer can be damaged. Most people have excessive subwoofer volume at club parties, college parties University functions, etc. In this situation, the subwoofer popped. When I play a DJ song at high volume then my subwoofer is pop.

Why Does My Subwoofer Pop At Low Volume?

Sometimes our subwoofer is popping due to the low volume. amplifier wiring is lost which means a dirty connection. Check your subwoofer wiring connections to resolve it if does it then your problem is solved easily. At low volume your subwoofer is popped because at the low volume your signal dropped due to dropped signal subwoofer is crackling and popping. Many people also feel blurring due to a high volume of the subwoofer than the less volume of the subwoofer. That he did not feel any confusion the also subwoofer are popping sound. So its solution is very easy. please keep base and volume equal to the subwoofer.

Why Is My Computer Subwoofer Popping?

Many people have faced issues with computer subwoofers. Because our Computer subwoofer is popping when our subwoofer cables are loose from the computer port. Computer subwoofer popping also due to driver problems. in this situation, you can change or newly installed driver. this is a significant issue for our subwoofer we should check the computer cables with the subwoofer Which is connected.

Suppose your computer cables are damaged then you should change cables and install a high-quality cable with strength. This step is very easy for our computer subwoofer popping.

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Why Is My Car Subwoofer Popping?

Sometimes our car subwoofer causes a popping sound  But we do not know that this sound where coming. So this situation is hazardous for our subwoofer. But we don’t worry about these problems because these problems are prevalent.  I think my Subbwofer square waves cause a popping sound.

Lose signals are caused our subwoofer to pop sound and setup are caused our car subwoofer to pop sound. Due to damage to Input and output units, Maybe an issue with the batteries of the car, because damaged batteries can transfer current in back time. Please also check the audio system of the car. In my experience, most create problems in the car’s audio system.

You should check the relay in the amp of the car. Because the relay controls the signals in the amplifier. Sometimes relay can damage. Then it would help if you changed the relay of the car amp. You should use high-quality relays. These few things can create problems in the car subwoofer. You can understand.


I think all these solutions which I have explained at upper are most easy and useful. If you read my all guide. I hope you can easily solve the popping issue at your home. Mostly I try to share my self experiences and keenly research. When you face problems with a car subwoofer or home subwoofer.Dont worry about both.Because the same problems can occur in both subwoofers. Then just give time and struggle. You can easily solve any issue with a subwoofer. when you face any issue with the subwoofer. You should check the subwoofer and amplifier which connect with the subwoofer. Because mostly create an issue in the amplifier.

I always include simple wording and useful techniques in my articles. It is best for your understanding. I have described clearly all topics about subwoofer popping when turn off. You can get more information about subwoofer popping at any time. If you read it.If you cannot solve the popping issue after reading this guide. I think you have no experience with hardware or weapon for repairing. You should have some weapons for the repair of hardware. if you have no weapon. Then you should go to a repair shop. 

My suggestion is if you have an old subwoofer and amplifier. Because most subwoofers lost more original components due to working for a long time. You should change it. Then up to you. I hope your subwoofer popping noise is finished.  But these steps are very easy for your problem solution.

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