How To Tell If The Subwoofer Is Out Of Phase?

If your subwoofer is out of phase. There are bad effects on the sound frequency of the subwoofer. I know this problem make causes your tension. The sound of the subwoofer may be slow and not clear. Many problems are created due to being out of phase. Some people cannot know what they are facing out-of-phase problems.

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About my experience, when the subwoofer is out of phase. If you have a lite bit of common sense. you can get a clear signal from the subwoofer sound frequency. If the main speakers and subwoofer are out of phase. the woofer cones will move forward. Thus, the sound of the subwoofer will decrease from the original sound frequency. Don’t worry about it. I will tell you how to fix the subwoofer that is out of phase. And how to solve this problem. Please follow my all steps below.

How To Tell If The Subwoofer Is Out Of Phase?

First, I will explain How To Tell If The Subwoofer Is Out Of Phase. Because when we feel the low sound frequency of the subwoofer. It means the sound is not clear to listen to the subwoofer. The cone of the woofer is rattling when we turn on the subwoofer. If two subwoofer units adjust on the box. Then you can easily feel the difference between them. Because sometimes one woofer failed from the box and second good working. Then we can easily understand phase problems. Check this video for more information.

2 months ago I had a subwoofer. I faced problems with the out-of-phase subwoofer. I got more information about what is this problem. At this time I got a 1.5-volt battery to test the subwoofer phase. I connected this battery with a subwoofer. It means that If the sub and main speakers were in phase, I heard a single thump when he connected the battery to the wires leading to the subwoofer terminals. If the sub were out of phase, I heard a double thump. It was my first experience. 

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Car Subwoofer Out Of Phase:

Some people asked me about car subwoofer out of phase. I think you can feel this problem in a short time in the car. Because it shows a signal on the LCD of the car. The Cone of the subwoofer is starting vibration. I think this issue is more created in the car subwoofer as compared to other subwoofers. The woofer cones on the main speakers will move backward while the subwoofer cone moves forward in the car. The subwoofer of the car also shows a sign which I explained already at the top.  

Why Are My Subs Out Of Phase?

The subwoofer may be out of phase due to different reasons. Sometimes, unfortunately, there can occur this problem. But sometimes occur this problem due to our wrongness. Now I tell you all reasons for the subwoofer is out of phase.  

  • The wiring of the subwoofer can be short ( damage ) due to the heating of the subwoofer. If one wire is attached to another wire in the subwoofer. It creates problems of the subwoofer being out of phase. 
  •    You know the subwoofer has no personal output. Thus, when a voice coil is pushed against the other coil in the subwoofer. Then automatically the subwoofer will not work or make a clear sound. It’s the reason only the subwoofer is out of phase. 
  • Check the cone of the subwoofer. If the cone is damaged due to any external forces. Then the sound fell like the subwoofer is out of phase. It means the voice is not clear about the subwoofer. We can’t say that the subwoofer is out of phase. But the subwoofer in this condition is equal to out of phase. 
  • This issue is faced when we set the volume of sound out of the limit. It means volume line green to red. It can damage the sound frequency. It means the subwoofer is out of phase. 

I think these are some papular reasons which that make the subwoofer out of phase. Maybe another reason which damages the sound quality of the subwoofer. If your subwoofer is out of phase or not. But you faced the issue of the sound frequency. Follow my steps which I explained below. 

How Do You Adjust Speaker Phases?

First of all, check the phase control knob of the subwoofer. Slowly rotate this knob in the clockwise direction. And then notice that the bass drops off significantly, then adjust the control knob on possible sound quality. 

Some speaker wires cannot be changed, then we use an alternate method. Then the phase is provided in the form of a switch. Thus, we listen without installing it on the wall. Then listen to the sound of the subwoofer. If the sound is not well still now. Then change the phase from 0 to 180.    

If the problem of phase is deep. Then you should check the coil of sound if the coil is damaged. Change it. Or if faced with another problem in the hardware system of the subwoofer. You can change it easily. If the woofer unit has been damaged then change it. It means phase issues can create due to different reasons. If you have a lite bit of common sense. You can solve it.

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Conclusion: ( Final words )

 How To Tell If The Subwoofer Is Out Of Phase. Phase setting only depend on the sound frequency of the subwoofer. We can know easily about the phase-out of the subwoofer. You can check if the subwoofer is out of phase with the same strategy ( car or other woofers).

If you carefully read all topics which I explained at the top. I hope you can achieve proper information according to your target. I always explained in simple wording. Mostly I shared my content from my personal experience. If you want more information about the subwoofer which is out of phase. You can contact me on my social accounts.

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