How To Secure Subwoofer Box in Trunk?

Now today we are using a subwoofer for enjoyment in different places. We can use a subwoofer for different purposes like theater, dance parties, cinema, and others. we are using a subwoofer box in the car audio system. Sometimes we want to secure our subwoofer in the trunk without any rattling. Some people don’t know how to secure a subwoofer box in the trunk. Don’t worry about it. I am also here to solve this problem. 

About my experience, I have many techniques for securing a subwoofer in the trunk. Now we are going to solve our problem with different techniques in different steps. you can secure your subwoofer with a bit of common sense and a few simple solutions.

It is my warranty that you can get the best solution from my content about How to Secure the Subwoofer Box in Trunk. But if you read carefully my this blog. Some people don’t read the content carefully and they cannot get a solution to the problems. Mount the subwoofer box in the trunk, there are several ways to do it. I will be telling you the methods which are quick and easy to follow.

How to Secure Subwoofer Box in Trunk?

I think we can easily solve any problems or tasks by taking different steps and ways. Please follows my given steps so You can 100% secure your subwoofer box in the trunk. 

Why Won’t My Subwoofer Work?


Check secure place:

 Before fitting your subwoofer in the trunk. You should be keenly checked the place (trunk) where you secure your subwoofer. If the place (trunk) is fit to secure your subwoofer box. So it’s well good. Then check up, down, and around of trunk where you secure the subwoofer. If you find any lite bit things please remove them. 

Make sure your trunk should be neat and clean before placing your subwoofer. Then it may cause of rattling subwoofer after fitting. it is best to mark the area where the subwoofer box will be placed. Unfortunately, If your subwoofer is rattling. Check More

How Do I Secure My Car Subwoofer?

If you have carpet in your trunk where you secure your subwoofer in a car or other place. It’s good for you. Because carpet gives you more benefit about the best performance of your subwoofer system. Then you should be used velcro strips to fitted your subwoofer.

I think a velcro strip is a powerful thing for securing your subwoofer. According to me, you should be using industrial-strength strong ( 8 strips 4 in*2 in stick on 10 lbs). You can get this velcro from anywhere in your area. If you have no carpet in your subwoofer trunk. Don’t worry I have more solutions to it. Please carefully read my advice below.

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How Can I Secure My Subwoofer without Drilling?

Sometimes we have no carpet in the subwoofer trunk and second, your subwoofer box is made of birch non carpeted. In this condition, you cannot use velcro strips with a subwoofer. You are confused at this time. But in this condition, you can use a double-tap. we should be used a costly type of double-tap. If you use normal double-tap. It is not better for you.

Second, you should Mount something(No drilling) to the back of the box. Then use a ratchet strap through that to a secure place on the vehicle. It should be located (where you can’t see it) and you still maintain the beauty of the birch box. I think you can understand. 

Artificial work for securing subwoofer:

Some cars have no trunk for securing the subwoofer. But it has a palace of the trunk for the subwoofer. Then you should be made an artificial box (trunk) in your car using through using OEM mount points or wooden ones. You should be made a box from the woodshop according to your subwoofer size. After fitting your artificial box in your car. Then you can secure your subwoofer without any other techniques like ( double tap, drilling, velcro strips, ratchet strap, etc).      I think it is a better way to secure a subwoofer.

Drilling in a better way

Sometimes you cannot adjust your subwoofer in the trunk through different techniques  

( double tap, drilling, velcro strips, ratchet strap, artificial box, etc). Then you should be used to drilling carefully. Some people don’t like to use drills for securing a subwoofer in the trunk. But they do not know. How strong is the using drill system?

If you can use the drill for the best performance. So When you drill you should be very careful and use the smallest screws. It way maintains the decoration of your car. If you did not use a drill ago. then you should come to the car shop for drilling. I think it is a strong way to secure your subwoofer.

While securing, make sure you keep enough clearance around the box so that it can breathe and there is no build-up of heat. Because hitting the subwoofer may occur different problems. Again and again, the setting is not better for your trunk and subwoofer. Make sure everything should be ok in a one-time setting. 

 How do I keep my box from sliding into my trunk? 

According to my experience, you should buy a subwoofer box that has a foamy or carpeted exterior. It is better for you when you try to secure your subwoofer in the trunk. If no carpet in the trunk so the carpeted subwoofer will not slide from the box(trunk).

 If your subwoofer is non carpeted. during the drive of the car, the subwoofer will slide from the trunk. if you want avoid sliding the subwoofer. One thing should be. carpet in the trunk or carpeted subwoofer box. Then up to you.

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Best uses of L- bracts 

We can use bracts for securing our subwoofer box. But l bracks fit with a drill. Most people use L bracts. I think it is also the best way to secure a subwoofer. because when you use L bracts at this time we do not need double tap etc. L bracks maintain your subwoofer corner. I think using L bracts best than another drilling system. When you fit L bracts. You should be used smallest screws. because it is maintained decoration of the car. Unfortunately, many people don’t like it. The more you know better.

Best Uses of wooden plates

I am trying that you get techniques best from best. According to me, all techniques are well to each other. but Wooden plates use is the best way than other techniques. You Take wooden plates According to your car place where you secure your subwoofer. And you should use the 1.5-inch screws. they are better at securing the whole wooden structure properly.

Then Also, put the wooden structure on the proper side of your car’s trunk. Don’t worry about rattle about it. Because your subwoofer can fully adjust on wood. In this case, you don’t use a drilling system. Also, you should be using high-quality wood. 


 According to my experience, I hope you fully understand your problems and I have clearly described all points about your question How to Secure Subwoofer Box in Trunk? I tried that explain all points in simple wording. Because you can understand it clearly. So, first of all, be careful of the size of the subwoofer you are buying. Sometimes you listen to songs at high volume during the drive but you don’t know. The subwoofer can remove from our place due to rattling.   

There are many other causes we can solve all problems with a bit of common sense. If you faced any problem with your subwoofer you should spend some time solving your issues. Not only saves time and the trouble of carrying your subwoofer to the repair shop and  You also might save some money. also, you learn lessons about your troubleshooting. I think that first, you should check the size of the trunk of your car and then buy a subwoofer.

Sometimes after many tries, you cannot solve your problems. Howsoever we carry subwoofer to repair shop. Then after repairing we don’t get the advantage. so we are losing our money and time. please avoid it.  take these steps and solve your problems.

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