How To Hide A Subwoofer In A Living Room?

If you want to know how to hide a subwoofer in a living room, car, and other places. In my opinion, it is a common and essential query for decoration, less space, etc. I know today people want to live a smart life and use smart devices due to less space and modern design. Some people have a desire to hide subwoofers in the car, trucks,s and other places where you want to adjust the subwoofer speaker.  

In my experience, when you hide the subwoofer in the room or other places. There will gain beauty for the visitors and they feel great about your personality. Because I have also hidden my subwoofer in my room for modern room design and the feeling latest technology. If you don’t know how to hide a subwoofer in a living room. It does not matter what type of room and car. I have more useful tips to tell you for solving this issue. you can Check my all tips for hiding a subwoofer in the room, car, and other places.

How To Hide A Subwoofer In A Living Room?

First, I fully explained about hiding the subwoofer speakers in the living room. Then I will discuss other palaces where you want to hide the devices. Don’t worry about it. If you will read carefully my tips. I hope you can get more information about your hide queries. Now let’s go. 

  How To Hide A Subwoofer In A Living Room?

 Subwoofer Hidden In The Wall: 

It is the best technique that hiding a subwoofer in the wall. I think it is a common and easy way to hide subwoofer speakers. You can use Wall-Mounted Box Shelves on the room wall. There are more types of Shelves available in the markets. But you should purchase shelves that are suitable for your subwoofer. You should fit the shelves at a higher point on the room wall. It will remain best for bass and sound quality. I know your subwoofer doesn’t properly hide, but it more best for room beauty and due to less space.

 Hide the Speaker In The Room Ceiling: 

The room ceiling is the best option for hiding subwoofer speakers. but you need a special underground or open wiring for the fitted wire of the subwoofer. In this case, you can use a closet shelf, etc with a ceiling. and use duct tape for attaching it. It depends on you. Also, you can properly fit a subwoofer in the room ceiling. If there is an artificial ceiling in your room. Then it is possible to fit a subwoofer. You can make a hole in the artificial ceiling according to your subwoofer speakers. Then you can properly fit a subwoofer into the ceiling. for this option, you need special electric wiring. I hope you will understand about it. Just need a lite bit of common sense. 

 Hide the Speaker In The Room Ceiling: 

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 Hide in Spacial And Modern Box:

Some people use the special boxes in the room to hide subwoofer speakers. You can make a wooden box to hide the subwoofer according to the subwoofer size. Also, You can create a side table that is hollow on the inside. Because air is important for the sound system. When you place the table and box in your room. it doesn’t look like it houses a subwoofer.

Modern Box:

Now today modern boxes are available in the markets. Maybe you know about these boxes. Different designs of modern boxes are available in the markets. But when you purchase a box you make sure the box size should according to the subwoofer. These boxes do affect in-room beauty. It is the best way for you. Then up to you.

Hide inside your Room Furniture:

In my opinion. This option is best and free of cost. previously explained techniques are few costly but this is free. You can place a subwoofer in the existing furniture. You can put the subs on the couch and another side table. I think you have more opportunities in your furniture for adjusting subwoofer speakers.

Especially try to choose a corner couch for this purpose. Because you’ll feel the best bass and sound quality. And anyone can’t see it. Your subwoofer is properly hidden. If you want place the subwoofer in the bedroom. Then you can place a subwoofer under the beds. Most beds have more space for placing anything. I have already told you that you can place the subwoofer under any furniture type ( table, couch, side table, beds, etc). 

Hide Under the floor:

This is my last point of view. It’s a difficult but useful technique. Because I applied this method a year ago. I felt best at this time. I want to share my experience with you. But it is possible for only one condition. If you have wooden floorboards in your room. Then you can make a wooden box under the floor. This box takes care of your subwoofer. Then you can a hole through a drill machine for air. Air is important for the system. I hope you will understand about it. Because I always explain with simple wording. If you have still an issue. Dont worry about it. Just contact me. This method will hide the device under the floor. 

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how to hide a subwoofer in a car?

If you have the desire hide the subwoofer in the car. Your best thinking. Because it will good effect on the sound quality as with beauty. You can palace a subwoofer at a unique placement in the cars. Now there I tell you some useful techniques for adjusting subs. 

Step 1:

Mostly people palace a subwoofer in the trunk. Because it is commonly useful and hopeful. You can hide the subwoofer in the trunk and get more bass from subs. But make sure the position should be the right of the subwoofer. If you want a subwoofer more sound and booming. Then its face should be down and toward the front of the car. 

Step 2:

In the second technique, you can place the subwoofer under the car seats. But it is not possible for every car. Because some cars no have space under the cars seats. Then you can use a center console subwoofer box. It is located between two front seats of the car. You can build it by yourself. Also, Read: How To Build A Center Console Subwoofer Box?

Final Thoughts:

Finally, I hope are understand How To Hide A Subwoofer In A Living Room? I have explained this in some steps. These tips are useful and hopeful. you can decide where you should adjust your subwoofer. You can hide the subwoofer In The Wall, In The Room Ceiling, in Spacial And Modern Box, inside your Room Furniture, and Under the floor. These 5 topics have deeply explained at the top. After reading these steps. You can easily solve your problems. 

Just make sure that the subwoofer is easy according to your adjusting. For example, you palace your subwoofer under the ground but do not have any hole for air. It means your subwoofer is not comfortable. Because the air hole is a must for the sound system. Otherwise, your subwoofer will damage due to heat. I hope you agree with my content.

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