How to Fix Subwoofer Distortion?

The subwoofer is a high-level speaker that use to reproduce low-frequency sounds (bass). Mostly, it uses at the dancing places like theaters, clubs, parties, etc. depth bass is a must needed at these places. The people want deep bass with sound frequency. The subwoofer adds fullness and depth to the sound quality. A subwoofer is an electric device. Maybe, occur issues with the subwoofer due to self or your carelessness. And subwoofer can cause distortion. But other more reason can disturb the subwoofer sound frequency.

I always recommend that you need to understand the subwoofer is a big bass speaker. It’s your responsibility to maintain its parts. And should be run living in the limited. Suppose a subwoofer can bear 50 Hrz input signals, but you connect an amplifier with 100 Hrz as input. It will be caused by the subwoofer distortion. Of course, there are some other reasons too. Here, we will discuss how you can fix this problem with easy and useful techniques.

How to Fix Subwoofer Distortion?

There are more techniques and methods for solving this problem. But we discuss only the 5 best and most useful methods. These methods fully help out you fix subwoofer distortion. 

How to Fix Subwoofer Distortion?

1: Use a Subwoofer Enclosure

Sometimes the vibration causes subwoofer distortion. The vibration can affect the sound frequency. It caused due to place adjustment and subwoofer enclosure. If the subwoofer is not in the enclosure, it may create a vibration that affects the sound quality. You should use an enclosure which is a box that encloses the subwoofer. This help to reduce the distortion of the subwoofer.

2:  Equalization

Equalization is essential to maintain the sound frequency of the subwoofer. During hock up two or more devices to each other, equality are most important of devices. For example, if you use a 4-ohm subwoofer and hook up with a 10-ohm amplifier as input. It will distort with the subwoofer due to unmatching powered capacity. So, try to connect both equal devices. Otherwise never devices properly work.

3: Control volume system:

If you use a powered subwoofer, control the whole volume system carefully of the amplifier. Like some amplifiers have bass boost control that uses to lower frequency louder or lower as well as possible. Make sure you are using the bass boost control at the right time. We always recommend using the low pass filter in place of bass boost control. ensure that your bass frequencies are never boosted too high through the control system.

4: Connection problems:

Lose of connection can badly affect the subwoofer. The input/output wire or jack which located on the backside of the devices. Before turning on the subwoofer, check all inputs/output connection cables. Something the wire connection lost due to moving around while it was being installed. Use double tape during the new installation of the subwoofer. Check regularly its cable connection before listening. Otherwise, it caused subwoofer distortion. So, tight always all connection of devices.

5: Upgradation:      

 Upgradation is an expensive and quick method. If you used a subwoofer for a long time, upgradation is essential. Because the subwoofer parts are weak due to decreasing their lifetime. You know everything has limited duration for his life. When the subwoofer has completed its life duration, then its sound frequency is diminished automatically. You’ll never feel the sound frequency like the first time. Buy a new brand subwoofer, then the sound will be as you expect. Another hand, contact the audio expert for the best ideas about your problems if you still have solved your problem. 

Why does my bass amp sound fuzzy?

There may many reasons why the sound is fuzzy. Fuzzy bass is also called subwoofer distortion. In my experience, Mostly light and common issues occur with the bass amp. Like cable connection problems, bass boost control, etc. These issues create, when we carelessness with devices like amplifiers, sub, speakers, soundbars, etc. otherwise, can create major problems like holes in the cone, supply issues, capacitor burn, etc. then you can go to the repair for help out. Or get help from the manufacturer. Sometimes sound fuzzy due to running for a long time because the components are weak. But should check it at least one time by yourself.

What is a good bass tone?

A good bass tone means a clean and aggressive sound.  A good bass tone is necessary for the subwoofer speakers. The boost padel improves the bass tone. When you purchase a new subwoofer, it is toned up and its performance is best. If you are feeling the bass is weak, then toning is essential for sound quality. Try and add as much to tone the bass through boost padel. If you still don’t know how to tune the subwoofer bass, contact to audio expert.

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What does subwoofer distortion sound like?

You can see and hear subwoofer distortion as clearly. You’ll feel the compressed sound. When the amplifier is clipping, the music will be staticky. It is amplifier distortion or subwoofer distortion due to many reasons. Like Amp clipping can cause make your speakers distort, cone breakup, the speaker itself, etc. Mainly the amp caused the distortion. when the amp doesn’t have well-controlled clipping and allows a moment of DC to hit the voice coil. But some amplifiers are well-controlled and never even notice it’s occurring, There is a major difference in the sound quality.

How To Prevent Your Subwoofer From Distorting at Low Volume?  

Never always subwoofer hire at high volume sound. When using the subwoofer in the home, the sound volume is usually set to a comfortable level. You feel a disturbance in the sound when you hire the song. There are 3 quick and usable techniques to clear this distortion.

  • Override can affect the sound quality of the subwoofer. It means the amplifier puts more power into the subwoofer speakers. It can damage the subwoofer components.
  • Always avoid the subwoofer from the heat up. It means the components should be cool.  Make sure your subwoofer is properly ventilated. Otherwise, it will distortion.
  • It makes sure to increase the volume when required and equalize. It depends on how close you are to the subwoofer. The bass boosting helps out you adjust the volume as suitable.   

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As you can see, Subwoofer distortion changes the sound quality due to external forces. There are other more reasons to affect its sound quality. such as you hear the sound compressed sound, hearing staticky, etc. Maybe there lightly or major issue that caused its weakness. First, check where is occur issue then take action, When you are feeling some changes with your subwoofer. Apply the method listed on the top. If you have still problems, consult with the audio expert or manufacturer. I hope you have solved your problem.  


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