How To Fix A Rattling Subwoofer Box?

Now today we are using a subwoofer for enjoyment in different places. We can use a subwoofer for different purposes like theater, dance parties, cinema, and others. Many subwoofers lost their original performance underworking. It is a big issue for us. Some people don’t know how to fix a rattling subwoofer box. Don’t worry about it. I am also here to solve this problem.

In my experience, we can solve rattling subwoofers with different techniques. I have many techniques for ratting subwoofer boxes. If you have faced any issues with rattling subwoofer. You come to the right place. I can fully help out you with your problems.  Now we are going to solve our problem with different techniques in different steps. you can remove the rattle with a bit of common sense and a few simple solutions.

Why is my subwoofer box rattling?

Some people like loud voices when they are watching movies and listening to songs. They want to fully base and load voice from the subwoofer for enjoyment. But they don’t know over the limit of voice can become the main reason for the rattling subwoofer. Many reasons can happen about rattling subwoofer boxes.

How To Fix A Rattling Subwoofer Box?

I’m defining this question in different techniques. You can see many topics in detail on how to fix a rattling subwoofer box.

How To Fix A Rattling Subwoofer Box

Good place for a Subwoofer box

Step 1

First of all, you see your subwoofer where it is placed. we should be placed our subwoofer in a neat and clean place where any no lite bit object is placed around it. Because any lite bit more disturb the voice and bass of the subwoofer. 

Step 2

Second, you see your subwoofer placed open or under a table. Because we should be placing our subwoofer under a table, instead of an open place. The Bass and voice of the subwoofer are very smooth and polite under a table. If you have a table so it is better for you. 

Step 3

Please check the carpet in your room, where it is then placed subwoofer. The subwoofer when creating effective bass on floors without carpet. It may cause rattling of the subwoofer. And avoid placing the subwoofer on any wooden sheet and wooden floors. They are a bad effect on the subwoofer.

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Driver problem

Sometimes has no issue with our subwoofer. But our subwoofer rattles. but We cannot understand this problem.don’t worry. I can tell you how to solve this problem. the main issue in our computer system which we connect with our subwoofer. Our system can be missing drivers. Sometimes when we change the system software of our computer. if already a missing driver in the window.  It may cause a problem with the subwoofer. Then we should be installed the missing driver on our computer.

Connection problem

When you start listening to your subwoofer. First, we should check the cable connection of the subwoofer. Sometimes when we watch horror movies and listening songs with full bass. It may be connection cut-off cables from the subwoofer. Please check your cables on both sides before listening to the subwoofer.

Make sure that connect all input and output cables his places. Because Setting up the wiring incorrectly can also cause rattling. 

Setting problem

Unfortunately, the subwoofer can create an issue in the setting. Sometimes we subwoofer remote give the who doesn’t know about the subwoofer. he can change all settings with one click without thinking. If you know about the subwoofer setting. You should set the setting of the subwoofer. If you do not know the setting.don’t worry You can see a tutorial about setting according to your subwoofer model on youtube.  

Loose component issues

Many components are connected with the subwoofer and work in the subwoofer. Most little parts are very important for the excellent performance of our subwoofer. But we consider that these components have no ability for the performance of the subwoofer. 

Step 1

Please check the grill cover of the subwoofer. Make sure that the screws of the subwoofer should be tight. If screws are loose then you should tighten the screws on the perimeter of the subwoofer. it can make cause rattling of the subwoofer.

Step 2

According to my experience if you bring a magnet near a subwoofer. I create noise from the subwoofer. Because the magnet is already fixed in the subwoofer. So the external magnet attracts the frequency of the subwoofer. it can make cause rattling of the subwoofer.  

Step 3

The rubber is fitted around the subwoofer speaker.  It plays rule very important for our subwoofer. sometimes this rubber is broken/torn on the sides of the cone. It creates rattling in the subwoofer. When it is broken then we should change the rubber.

Step 4

We should check all wires in the subwoofer when the subwoofer is rattling. Because sometimes some bare wires are attached due to the heating of the subwoofer. it should be all wires attached to his places.

Step 5

when the subwoofer is making rattling noises when the volume is turned up at more than medium. We should also check the subwoofer bottom. if the pads are in place and they should be balanced.

Loose body

The rattle could also be loose fittings or body panels. When our subwoofer is an over-limited invoice. It may occur risk of loss of the subwoofer. Then subwoofer can cause of rattle. In this case, we should be done again frame fitting. If this problem again occurs then we should be changed the body frame.

Lite mistake

Sometimes your children dropped some things into the cone of the subwoofer. But you don’t know. This thing can touch different components of the subwoofer. It can rattle the subwoofer. Simply open the subwoofer box through a screwdriver. Please check it keenly.

Subwoofer Rattle At High Volume?

Some people like loud voices and bass. They do cross the limit of volume from the subwoofer box. The subwoofer is more affected when the volume is out of the limit so it lost its original performance and becomes the cause of rattling. We should be limited to volume. I think it can become the main reason for the rattling of the subwoofer box.

Subwoofer Rattles on Certain Songs?

When you listen to songs, please check your song’s qualities. for example, 4K video songs have good voice quality than HD songs. And some songs do have not good volume then try to listen to another song on the subwoofer. so that you may avoid rattling the subwoofer.

Setting volume buttons

The volume buttons have been set at the backside of the subwoofer. We should check these volume buttons. A sometimes unknown person can rotate volume buttons. It can affect on rattling subwoofer. All settings can wrong. In this case, we should set the volume in its original place. 

Suppose you don’t know how to set volume. please see a proper video on youtube. I hope you get proper information on youtube about set volume. check video

The bad condition of the cables 

The bad condition of the cables 

We should change our subwoofer output and input cables after a long time. Because the cables become stained after long times. we should be using high-quality output and input cables. high-quality cables can be careful with our subwoofer. high-quality cables are made of high-quality materials and it gives the high-resolution performance of subwoofer voice. Some people don’t understand cable problems. They think that all cables are the same for the subwoofer. these cables can create a critical problem in the rattle of the subwoofer. I hope you understand the importance of cable qualities.    

Input and output units

Input and output units

Sometimes the input and output units of the subwoofer (where we connect cables) are not working. if the cables are in good condition and properly working. In this case, something went into units. So the cables are not connected properly to units. the subwoofer creates noise.

You take a pin and rotated it into all units. If anything has in units. the bad materials will go outside of units. I hope in this case you can clear the issue about the rattling of the subwoofer. It creates problems when you don’t care about your subwoofer. A lite bit of a mistake can lose your subwoofer. Please care about your subwoofer.

Supply issue:

When we connect our subwoofer to electric power. Unfortunately, sometimes over-limit of electricity creates a bad effect on the main supply of subwoofer. The main supply means that it provides the required electricity to all components of the subwoofer. If affected main supply due to any problem. So it can make an issue of rattling subwoofer. In this case, we cannot solve this problem. Because it is a hardware issue. Then we should carry the subwoofer to the repair lab or repair shop. I suggest you please change your supply instead of repair. when the parts of the subwoofer have been used for a long time. It has lost all its performance. Then as you wish

Main problems

If all components are fine and working.  Then also the subwoofer is rattling. so it may main issue with the subwoofer. Don’t worry. I can tell you how to solve this problem. Sometimes the main IC stop working and some capacitors burn due to heating and long times working. In this case, we should be carrying the subwoofer to the repair shop. Because it is the main issue we cannot fix this problem. 

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 According to my experience, I hope you fully understand your problems and I have clearly described all points about your question that How to fix a rattling subwoofer box. I tried that explain all points in simple wording. Because you can understand it clearly. There are many other causes we can solve all problems with a bit of common sense. If you faced any problem with your subwoofer you should spend some time solving your issues.  not only saves you the trouble of carrying your subwoofer to the repair shop You also might save some money. also, you learn lessons about your troubleshooting. 

Sometimes after many tries, you cannot solve your problems. I suggest you should change your subwoofer. Because after a long time working of the subwoofer not able to repair. Howsoever we carry subwoofer to repair shop. Then after repairing we don’t get the advantage. so we are losing our money and time. please avoid it.  take these steps and solve your problems.

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