How To Fix A Hole In A Subwoofer?

The subwoofer is also called a speaker. the subwoofer is used for listening to different sounds of music and other media. It makes an attractive sound for us. Today most people use a subwoofer for entertainment. Every subwoofer has limitations. But most people don’t understand it. Many subwoofers lost their original performance underworking. May create an issue in the cone of the subwoofer or a hole is punched into it. Some people don’t know how to fix a hole in a subwoofer. Don’t worry about it. I am also here to solve this problem.

Sometimes the bass of a subwoofer makes noise. It means your subwoofer creates problems in the cone. The subwoofer speaker cone is torn or a hole is punched into it, which can leave the bass sounding muffled. Cone is an important component of your subwoofer. It is very soft. Two ways, when your subwoofer faced hole issues. First when you listen to the unlimited sound from the subwoofer. Or when you don’t place securely your subwoofer after listening. I think to occur all bad effects are due to our wrongness. 

In my experience, If you want secure your subwoofer. Please you should remain limited during the use of the subwoofer speaker. You should be covering a subwoofer after listening. This problem can be easily fixed with a few simple techniques. I try to choose simple wording for your easy understanding.   

How To Fix A Hole In A Subwoofer?

Note:  First you should have some weapon for repairing the subwoofer. Like screwdrivers, a pry tool which is a flat screwdriver, clean lint-free cloth, nitrile latex gloves, wire cutter, etc.  

     How To Fix A Hole In A Subwoofer?     

Nuts And Bolts: 

First, you should check the bolts of the subwoofer cone. If you see any gap around the cone of the subwoofer. Then you should tighten the nuts and bolts of the subwoofer with a screwdriver. This hole can occur due to various reasons. Please follow my steps. I hope you will 100% solve your problem.

RTV Silicone:                        

 Sometimes occurs in a hole in the cone of the subwoofer. It occurs due to the out-of-limit subwoofer sound. Or occur when any forces affect the rubber of cones. First access the damage, and clean the area around the subwoofer hole. We should use an RTV silicone to fix the subwoofer hole. Just put the appropriate amount of silicon on the hole. Slightly rub it and cover the damage from upward and underneath the hole. Don’t overload it with a thin layer of RTV silicone on the shaft.

Note: when you are using silicone please use a rubber glove to keep from getting sticky stuff all over your hand. we should use Silicon on the backside of the rubber. Because it doesn’t look bad.


What Can I Use For Speaker Glue?

If you have no piece of rubber in place of the hole. Then you need to take 10 pieces of tissue. Cut about 10 pieces of tissue and placed them in the hole. Then fix the tissue in the hole with an Rtv silicone. And you can also use glue under this condition. Please use tissue of the best quality.

How to Fix a Hole in a Car Subwoofer?

In my experience, The subwoofer car and subwoofer home are the same.  We can repair both subwoofers in the same ways. But occur some differences in both. like size, power, and quality. 

A subwoofer in a car is nowadays an essential component. If a hole in the car subwoofer dont worry about it. Yes, you can fix a car subwoofer hole at your home. It is the same way to fix the hole of the subwoofer in the car which I clearly defined in the upper topics. First, open all bolts of the subwoofer from a car. Then make sure a hole in the subwoofer. Mostly the bolts lose due to the jumping of the car. Or if any hole in the rubber of the cone. Then you should use silicone.

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What Happens When You Poke A Hole In A Speaker?

Sometimes the hole is a lite bit. It dont affect the sound of the subwoofer. But it may bad effect on the subwoofer. We should repair it. If a hole is bigger then the sound is more affected. The subwoofer started rattling. 

The rattling of the subwoofer can occur due to different other problems. If we cannot fix the hole. It may create different problems in other components of the subwoofer. If you faced any issue with the rattling of the subwoofer. Read more

How Do you Fix A Rubber Subwoofer Surround?

The fixed rubber of the speaker is very important for the sound of the subwoofer. If the rubber is not fixed in your subwoofer. The rubber is unfixed due to any external force or any other problem. It creates bass problems in the speaker. When we purchased any subwoofer. Its rubber is attached with normal glue.

In my experience fixing glue is not strong for the rubber of the speaker. if you face an issue fixing rubber. Then you should use silicon of the best quality. Silicon is more strong than fixed glue. we should use Silicon carefully. silicon should use in the inner rubber around the circular.


What Kind Of Glue Is Used For Rubber Speaker Surrounds?

After unfixing of rubber. there can Create bass problems in the subwoofer. Then we should use the best quality silicon. Different glue is available in the market. But we should use glue silicon which is best for our subwoofer rubber. In my experience, I define some glue silicon. 

  • Han Join silicon
  • Loctite silicon
  • Permatex silicon
  • Titebond silicon

I think these all glue silicon are best for subwoofer rubber and uses internationally and available in every market. You can purchase it at a cheap rate. If you dont like from this silicon. No issue you can use any silicon which you like. Then You know best and up to you.

Should I drill A Hole In My Subwoofer Box?

I think a drill hole is a lunacy. Because sometimes we want to fix a new cone in the subwoofer. you should use the old hole to fix the new cone of the subwoofer. If you try to the new hole with a drill It may damage the wooden subwoofer where you drill a hole to fix the cone. 

In my experience drill, a hole is not possible. Because it can damage the subwoofer. We should use an old hole. Then tight ballots in the hole with a screwdriver.If the old holes are not in good condition. It means not being able. Then you should use the drill for the new hole carefully. If you cannot use a drill. Then you should come to the repair shop for the subwoofer. It is the best way for you.

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I have clearly defined how to fix a hole in a subwoofer. I think it is a simple issue. You can solve easily this problem at your home. Mostly hole in the cone is a lite bit. You can solve it with glue silicon. If it problem creates by any external force. Maybe create a big issue hole in the subwoofer. Then you should use tissue paper. These problems occur due to different bad effects. These are all problems created due to our wrongness. You should be careful of your subwoofer. 

I hope you understand my question. I always choose simple wording for your understanding. When you faced any problems with your subwoofer. Please spend some time solving your problems. If the cone rubber of the subwoofer is very old. My suggestion is you should change the cone rubber of the subwoofer. Because the component loses performance due to the length of time. Mostly I share our experience with the subwoofer. 

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