How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Blown Subwoofer?

How much does it cost to fix a blown subwoofer or speakers? I know it is a common question but impossible to explain in one line. Because blown subwoofer due to different issues. Maybe there are usually issues like a Firmware Update or other settings. There can solve it at home without cost. Maybe the blown subwoofer is due to severe hardware issues like the main chip, cone, capacitors, Amp, and other parts. These parts are costly and have different prices. I know, Nobody can tell you how much it will cost. Please read more below If you want to know the costs.

One more thing. You can contact with customer center to solve issues if it is within warranty. It is the best way. Some Brands offer two years warranty on the subwoofers. And I always recommend warrantable subwoofers. Don’t worry about it. There are more best ways to fix it if the subwoofer is not within warranty.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix A Blown Subwoofer?

If you know repairing subwoofers or speakers, Then you can fix the blown subwoofer at home. Otherwise, you would go to a repair shop. I hope it costs around half of the sub if the manufacturer has spare parts. For example,  If it’s burnt components like capacitors, its costs around $40 to $50. There are indeed local repairs that could be found. If the chip burnt, it could be more expensive or sometimes not fixable. These components’ costs depend on the brand versions like Samsung, kicker, Rockford, and other brands. If the subwoofer is the latest version, then more easy to get components from the market. I tell some general costs of the main subwoofers components.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Blown Subwoofer?

Components Cost
Cone $8+$5=$13
Capacitors  $40 to $60
Replace Speaker $70 to $100
Internal Amp  $80 to $100
Power Supply $100 to $150
Other bit common issues (fuses) $5 to $10

These components cause the blown subwoofer. These are all expectations of costs. It’s not fixed prices, but you get ideas from this table. I have already told you the costs of components depend on the brand version. For example, if the speaker has blown from the subwoofer. Now Skar speakers are cheap than kicker. Note: Repairing an older subwoofer can be even MORE expensive because it is not easy to find parts. If the bit problems with the subwoofer, there can solve them for around $50.

If deeply issues with the subwoofer, there can solve for around $100. Make sure Amp is working If the subwoofer is active. Otherwise, you might have to replace the amplifier unit, which can be a little expensive. Are they passive speakers? If so, replacing the woofer is cheap and easy. After blowing the subwoofer, you have to might check the subwoofer components through a multimeter. I suggest that it is easy to replace the woofer. You can do it easily by yourself. It’s up to you. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Blown Car Speakers?

Mostly, people use subwoofer speakers in cars or other vehicles and blow due to your wrongness, therefore should check on the car audio system; Maybe occur issues in the waring and settings of the car audio system.

If the blown subwoofer, you should go to a repair shop There speaker installation fee is around $60 to $80; It is a general cost because it depends on the brand versions. You can replace car speakers easily at home if you have a lite bit of common sense about repairing the Audio sound system. If you don’t know to replace it, you can learn it from google. Otherwise, You could find a rapping shop near you.  

How Do you Fix A Blown Subwoofer?

There are two ways to fix the blown subwoofer. First, you can check the subwoofer components through a multimeter or electric meter. After the checkup, you can replace the damaged subwoofer components at home. But necessary some screwdrivers.

Another way, you could find a repair shop near you and should Carry the sub to the repairs shop. The shopkeeper can demand more budget. And it depends on the speaker quality that fixes in the subwoofer. The best way to fix it is by yourself.

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Will A Blown Sub Still Make Noise?

The blown sub still makes noise. It means the subwoofer is not fully blown. But anyone component is weak. You can replace subwoofer components at a low cost. When it turns on or off, You Can listen to different types of sound from the sub. If the blown subwoofer still does not make noise. It means the subwoofer is fully blown. There needs to replace the old woofer. Maybe its cost will be high. It depends on the condition of the sub.   

Can Underpowering A Sub Damage It?

The underpowering subwoofer can damage that has electrical signals as input and output systems. Every subwoofer has a rang-limit on the signal frequency. It’s don’t design to do it, which is impossible for it. For example, a sub has a limit of 50 watts of eclectic power. When given 100 watts of electricity, it will be burnt and torn.

The hookup power is necessary for every electronic component which likes the same. Sometimes people use an external amp with a sub that has high voltages. Therefore subwoofer is low voltages. You can get lost after hookup the devices.  

Should Amp be Bigger Than Sub?

Never amplifier be bigger than subwoofer Because it will be confirmed lose when you hookup them. Always should use equivalent devices. However, it’s the best amplifier, which puts out a bit more power than the sub.

It’s possible when the subs are passive. If you have an active subwoofer, you never need an external amp. Because active subwoofer has an Owen internal amp which is good adjust in the sub. But take using the passive subwoofer with the External amp. Best and recommended is an active subwoofer for efficient work. 

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Final Thought:

How Much Does It Cost to Fix A Blown Subwoofer? We can get expectations about the costs for blown subwoofers or speakers. It’s necessary to know the model name of the subwoofer if you want to know the exact cost. But you can get ideas around the cost of any components. You can check the prices of subwoofer components. These components are affected when the blown subwoofer. If you don’t know the cost when facing any issues with the subwoofers, You can share them with me on my social media accounts. I will tell you the exact cost.

One year ago, blown my subwoofer,  is supply was damaged when I checked it through a multimeter. I replaced the subwoofer supply by myself. I bought a subwoofer supply for $32 from the market. The cost was $35 to replace. Now my sub does good work. 

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