How Long Does A Subwoofer Last?

As you know, a subwoofer is an electrical machine that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. Each device has no fixed lifespan, but the manufacturers give us ideas about its life as a warranty.  Its 50% lifespan depends on the human because the proprietor of the subwoofer is best to take care of its health. 

When the elements of the machine work for a long time, the components have renounced their lifespan. Before purchasing a subwoofer, you should check whether the subwoofer is branded or local. Branded subwoofers have good lifespan than local companies. Mostly, Local subwoofers are available in the market, but it’s your duty, should check them keenly. Check below if you don’t know how long does a subwoofer last?

How Long Does A Subwoofer Last?

First time I bought a subwoofer from a nearby market. I didn’t have any experience with subwoofer lifespan and other components. The shopkeeper told me this subwoofer is an original brand kicker. Whereas this subwoofer was local and just printed a Kiker tag on the subwoofer. The shopkeeper informed me that the warranty of the kicker subwoofer is five years because it is a branded subwoofer. I agreed with his commitment. 

How Long Does A Subwoofer Last?

After two years, the subwoofer stopped. Its components are damaged. Then I checked its model number on google. It was local and not approved by the Kiker company. When you purchase the subwoofer, first check its model number on google and then buy it. The manufacturer recommended how long does a subwoofer last? We agree on some points that are reliable for the subwoofer’s lifespan.

Try to buy the new subwoofers, because the latest parts of the devices have a long life than the old ones. Mostly the manufacturer gives a 5 to 10-year warranty for the brand subwoofers. But they have more stamina from the given guarantee if you purchase a new brand subwoofer. Otherwise, if you buy an old subwoofer that is still working, Maybe its parts are weak. it will stop working soon. Generally, the lifespan of a subwoofer can range from around 5-15 years if properly maintained. 

Can A Subwoofer Burn Out?

No doubt, the subwoofer can burn out if you don’t use it in the proper ways. Mostly, sealed subwoofers warmed. Sealed subwoofers have no holes for crossing the air. Sometimes you use a high-voltage (ohm) amplifier connected to a subwoofer that is not suitable for it. Sometimes it can burn due to an electrical spark. If you use it carefully, it never burns out. Always try to clip both the same powered devices. Otherwise, you can get lost.

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What Causes Subwoofer Failure?

The subwoofer failed due to different reasons. Overheating, overloading, electricity sparring, and weak components are the main issues caused by failure. You should use the subwoofer carefully. This issue occurs when you carelessness about your subwoofer. If you want more lifespan from your subwoofer,  don’t ignore small mistakes in your devices. You are responsible for its lifespan. Unfortunately, the subwoofer caused the failure. Then it would be best if you carried it to the manufacturer.

How Do You Tell If A Subwoofer Is Worn Out?  

The subwoofer reduces its performance when it wears out. All components will be weak due to working for a long time. The bass of the subwoofer change and decreases. The bass will be punchy and extra vibrate. You will not feel an authentic sound. The subwoofer has a maximum 5 to 15-year lifespan if the subwoofer is a new brand. So I always recommend you for a new brand subwoofer. If you buy an old subwoofer, its lifespan will no more. Maybe the old subwoofer has already worn out, but you don’t know.   

Is It OK To Leave The Subwoofer On All The Time? 

Yes, It is possible for the latest model subwoofer because every modern model has an auto-standby feature, which maintains electricity power. It is the best option to take care of the subwoofer components. But the old version subwoofer has this feature rarely. It is not good to leave an old version subwoofer all the time. The old subwoofer supply directly provides power to the components at all times. The subwoofer can heat up due to more power energy. Then the elements can burn and damage.   

Why Is My Subwoofer Humming? 

Two reasons are possible for your subwoofer’s humming noise. First, the subwoofer cone can damage. If you feel a humming noise, Maybe the subwoofer cone doesn’t suitably adjust. The small hole in the cone can make noise with the punchy bass of the subwoofer. 

Second, There creates a disturbance in the bass when the voltage difference between the subwoofer and the amplifier. Try to hook up the devices in the same (ohm). Otherwise, it will make noise. For example, hooking up a 4-ohm subwoofer with an 8-ohm amplifier, the subwoofer will cause a humming noise because of the irregular current flow in your audio cable. 

Can Neighbours Hear The Subwoofer?

Neighbors will disturb you if your subwoofer hums a noise. Bass noise from the subwoofer is common for everyone. The neighbor doesn’t like the noise bass. It is just caused by hurting. Sometimes, the accurate sound disturbs the neighbors because they don’t musically habituate.

Try to place the subwoofer in the bedroom and hear it at a low volume. Don’t use the subwoofer at nighttime when neighbors are sleeping. Otherwise, the neighbors can complain about you. The neighbor likes to hear subwoofers without worry if they are musically amateur. 

Final Thoughts: 

If the subwoofer is weak due to overloading or overheating, you can repair it. Otherwise, if the subwoofer is helpless due to performing for a long time, you should replace it instead of repairing it. The subwoofer has to spend its lifespan. Every electronic device has a limited life.  

Before purchasing the subwoofer, there must check whether the subwoofer is branded or local. Local company subwoofer has less lifespan than the brand company. If your subwoofer spent its lifespan of around 10 to 15 years, its stamina is ok. Try to use a new brand subwoofer if you want more lifespan of the subwoofer.


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