How To Keep Subwoofer Box From Sliding Around?

Now today, the subwoofer has become an essential component of vehicles. Most people set up the subwoofers in the car to the listening. But there is necessary to keep it from sliding around. Otherwise, it will disturb you during the drive or listening. The trunk is the best secure palace for fitting the subwoofer in cars or other vehicles. Otherwise, you can place the subwoofer anywhere in the car according to suitable places, like under the seats. If the subwoofer doesn’t fit in the car, it will make a lot of noise and vibrations. 

Most car drivers don’t know how much their subwoofer moves and vibrates when they drive. They can face more difficulties because it slides around randomly. But necessary how to keep the subwoofer box from sliding around. There are more methods, but we discuss only quick ways.    

How To Keep Subwoofer Box From Sliding Around?

There are two best places for placing the subwoofer in the car. At these places, you can easily install and fit the subwoofer. Most people use the trunk for securing the subwoofer in the car. you can also adjust it under the seats easily. But that important point is to keep the subwoofer from sliding around anywhere.

How To Keep Subwoofer Box From Sliding Around?

1: Keep Secure In The Trunk:

If you palace the subwoofer in the trunk, it is the best adjustment to the palace for the subwoofer. Try to use a wood carpet in the trunk box. More things are available in the market to secure subwoofers in the trunk like Use Metal Fasteners, Bolt Down, Velcro Fasteners, Double-Sided Tape, and Special Anti-Skid mats. But we use those think which are useful and easy for fitting subwoofers.

  •  Use Metal Fasteners:

Metal fasteners are right-angled small metal strips with little holes. Holes are located between each strip. First of all, adjust the subwoofer at any corner of the box. Just use a drill machine to make a hole in the trunk flat according to strip holes. Then fit the strips with the trunk flat through bolts at four corners of the subwoofer. Metal fasteners properly secure the subwoofer in the trunk box. Some people don’t like this method because they don’t want to hole in the car. But I use this method and recommend to you that is the best way.

  • Use Velcro straps:

Velcro straps are best for securing the subwoofer in the trunk box without making any holes. No need for bolts and drilling the machine for holes. You can get strong Velcro straps from the market or Amazon at low prices. First, Measure up the size and cut four separate straps that protect the length and width of the bottom base. Second,  Peel away the sticky side of the Velcro straps and place them up from corner to corner on all four sides of the bottom of the box. Now install the subwoofer in the trunk box and applies slight pressure. Then the velcro will stick to the carpet on the trunk floor.   

  • Use double-tap:

One of the best ways to keep your subwoofer from moving around is through double-sided tape. 

Most people consider that doesn’t use for a long time. But if you use the best quality tape, you can use it for a long time. Its installation is easy and available in the local market or on amazon. 

First, clean the place where apply the tape. Then cut a piece of tape that’s long enough to go around the box. Place the subwoofer and Press the subwoofer box firmly into place. Try to avoid dust.

2: Keep Secure under the seat:

Some people place the subwoofer under the car seats. it is the place for securing the subwoofer. If your subwoofer slides under the seats, you can use velcro straps and double tape for protection. But try to use the trunk for securing the subwoofer because it is the best palace.   

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What Causes A Speaker To Move?

You know speakers are electronic machines that receive electrical current as input. Then it converts into mechanical energy as output. When the electric current passes through the coil of wire. The mechanical energy compresses the air and converts it to motion sound energy. Then the audio signal is sent through the voice coil.

When the current runs in the voice coil, the speaker vibrates slightly. If you use a subwoofer speaker, it will create more vibration than a single speaker. Because a motor work in the subwoofer speaker. If your subwoofer slides around due to vibrating, you should follow the upper steps for securing the subwoofer.

How Do I Stop My Speakers From Moving?

I have already told you the subwoofer speaker vibrates due to its mechanical energy. The vibration will cause the moving of the subwoofer. There are more ways to keep the subwoofer from sliding around. Always try to palace the wood or rubber piece under the sound devices because these things reduce the vibration of the audio devices. Otherwise, follow the steps explained upper. 

Final Thoughts:       

Make sure to place your subwoofer in secure places anywhere. Try to use a wood or rubber piece under the subwoofer. Clean the box trunk to adjust the subwoofer speaker. It does not matter where to adjust the subwoofer, but it is important to keep it from sliding the subwoofer.  

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Metal Fasteners, velcro straps, and double-tap are the best ways to keep the subwoofer speaker from sliding. I recommend these methods. Because I used it personally. These are beneficial and easy ways to secure the subwoofer. The manufacturer also recommends these three ways. I hope you understand about subwoofer securing. After reading this article, you can easily keep the subwoofer speaker from sliding. 


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