Difference Between Speaker And Subwoofer

Each musical instrument has its own metier. Subwoofers and speakers differ slightly. Subwoofers and speakers vary only in their frequency range. The subwoofer and the speaker both produce sound. Normally, speakers will not be able to handle bass and sub-bass in music with tons of bass. I think this is the most important question for your information. The  PCs and TVs are built with speakers that you can hear mid and high-range frequencies. The parts are great for voices, yet you will see something is missing if you pay attention to the music.

If you have any desire to hear the lower frequencies, you’ll have to add a subwoofer. A subwoofer is intended to just deliver the profound bass that is available in most music classifications for a more adjusted sound. It is important to keep in mind that subwoofers cannot be used without speakers, but speakers can be used without subs. if you nothing know about the Difference between speaker and subwoofer. I also fully explained this topic below. you should read more. 

What Difference between the speaker and subwoofer?

Most people use both subwoofers and speakers. Like soundbar connect with subwoofer. Because we can hear the perfect sound quality through a connected subwoofer and speaker.

Difference Between Speaker And Subwoofer


What Is A Subwoofer? 

Essentially, A subwoofer is used for deep bass. A subwoofer is intended to create lower frequencies, it tries to make a powerful sound quality. Most subwoofers are in wooden packaging that safeguards the touchy part, with a port or vent for the sound. We can’t use a subwoofer without a speaker. The subwoofer is more expensive than the speaker. Mostly we use a soundbar with a subwoofer. But we can connect more devices with subwoofers to get the best sound quality.

Advantages (pros):

  •   All frequencies are improved across the board.
  •  Adding a subwoofer improves the quality of your system.
  • Due to reduced strain on the connected speakers, the bass is deeper and mid-range sound is better.
  • With the low-frequency driver, the main speakers can play at higher volumes with greater clarity.

Disadvantage (cons):

  • We can’t use a subwoofer without a speaker.
  • It is not possible to use a subwoofer on its own. The device can only be used with a speaker connected to it.
  • The subwoofers are more expensive compared to the speaker. It depends on you.
  • More power subs can damage the speaker.

What Is A Speaker? 

Speakers are used for high-quality sound. Speaker has no own amplifier. It is a dependent device.  It is also called a load speaker. We can use a speaker without a subwoofer. Most devices have speakers like TV, PC, etc. But speakers have no deep bass to make a more powerful sound. Speakers have more quick sound quality than subwoofers. We can purchase speakers at a cheap rate. Speaker is a must to work in any sound device. 

Advantage (pros): 

  • Speakers must need to work on sound quality.
  • The speaker can produce quality sound without a sub.
  • You can purchase it at a cheap rate. Because speakers are cost-friendly.
  • Most sound devices have internal speakers.

Disadvantage (cons):

  • Speakers have no bass to make powerful sound quality.
  • If you want to hear sound at dance parties and other events. Then only the speaker doesn’t suitable for sound.
  • Speakers are independent devices. Because it has no own amplifier. 

Do you Need A Subwoofer With Speakers?

I have told you that subwoofer is optional for the speaker. The speaker creates high-quality sound and the subwoofer creates low-frequency sound. But the subwoofer is the main part of the best quality sound. It means when you want a dance party and other events for enjoyment. Then it must be needed for you. But you can use a speaker without a subwoofer. Speakers are needed for the subwoofer. Because the subwoofer doesn’t properly work without a speaker. First, If you have the budget. I think the subwoofer is an important part of the sound quality. You should purchase a cheap subwoofer. Then again you can purchase a high-quality subwoofer for more best sound performance.

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Is A Subwoofer The Same As a Speaker?

Usually, both are used for sound systems. But they have different sound frequency rang. The subwoofer adds a great effect to the sound quality. Speaker just creates a simple sound. Another notable difference between a speaker and a subwoofer is their impedance. A good subwoofer has an impedance that ranges from 4 to 8 ohms. For a speaker, this impedance varies higher than a subwoofer. Most speakers are rated at 4, 6, or 8 ohms

In my experience, both devices are different from each other. But we are connected to both devices just for more enjoyment. It all depends on us. We can use only speakers. If you have the budget for both devices. You should purchase them for your alacrity. 

What Size Subwoofer do I need? 

Subwoofer size depends on the speaker. I always tell you that you should use equal devices. It means if you want to connect a subwoofer with a speaker. First, you should check the speaker power voltage then connect an equal subwoofer with the speaker. For example, if you have a normally compact satellite speaker. Then you will use an 8″ or 10″ sub that will pair nicely with the speakers. If your speakers are larger like a huge center channel, then a 12″ sub is better for your sound system. Never you should use unequal devices. Otherwise, your devices will get lost.

Can I Use A Subwoofer as a speaker?

It is impossible. Because subwoofers differ a sound frequency as compared to speakers. Subwoofers are used for connecting other sound devices. You never use a subwoofer without speakers. But you can use the speaker without subs.  speakers can use with other devices ( TV, LED, PC, etc). a speaker produces a massive range between 20 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz. In contrast, the subwoofer produces sounds of frequencies ranging from 20 Hertz to 200 Hertz. you can’t use a subwoofer as a speaker.  

Why Do I Need Subwoofers in My Car?

Usually, a subwoofer and other speakers are optional in a car. But I know most people can’t drive a car without hearing music. Today’s music is compulsory in the car. Sometimes you go on a long drive with your friend and family. But you feel bored. It means the subwoofer is not in your car. If you have a subwoofer in your car. you’ll never feel bored during a car driving. You can add a subwoofer to your car. 

Difference Between Speaker And Subwoofer


If you want to hear music or watch a movie, and hear any sound in your car. The subwoofer is best for the car audio system as compared to the speaker. The speakers are adjusted in some cars. In my driving experience, you can’t fully enjoy yourself through your car speakers. Because if you want more high-quality sound. it means you want only bass from the sound system. Subwoofers have sound+bass frequency. The speaker has no more bass. I suggest you should add a subwoofer to your car to get the best quality sound. 

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Difference Between Subwoofer And Amplifier:

The subwoofer and amplifier are different from each other. But both devices are for the sound system. Active subwoofers have their amplifier but passive subwoofers have no own amplifier. The amplifier is connected with your woofer to set the sound quality. Amplifiers consist of volume buttons, a small LCD, and input/output ports for connecting devices to other devices. If you have a passive subwoofer then you need an amplifier. Otherwise, you can connect an external amplifier with other speakers. Amplifiers have more small components and parts. The amplifier is the input and the woofers are the output signal devices.

Final Thought:

The difference between speaker and subwoofer is generally a question. I have already told you speaker is a must-to-be sound system. But the subwoofer depends on you. If you want more bass then you can add a subwoofer with your speaker. Because it is your choice. Subwoofers are costly. But now today most people use a subwoofer with a speaker for enjoyment. We feel missing something in the Dance Club, theater, party, and other events. If you use normally speakers with your PC. then maybe subwoofers don’t need them.

In my personal life, I don’t hear sound without a subwoofer. Even I use a subwoofer when I watch a movie on my PC. I have been not satisfied without a subwoofer. I have a small-size subwoofer in my room. And also I added a subwoofer in my car. When I go for a long drive with a friend. I fully enjoyed the subwoofer in the car. I suggest you. You should have a small subwoofer with speakers. You’ll forget the speaker’s sound. You will be interested in a subwoofer like me. I hope you can understand this topic. I try to share my personal experience with you. Because I think it is the most powerful content. If you are facing any other issues related sound system. you can share with me to get more information. Please just contact me on my social accounts. I will respond to you.

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