Can Subwoofers Damage Your Hearing?

Subwoofer speakers can damage your hearing or not because it depends on people’s habits and nature. Some music lovers like the high-volume sound from the subwoofer speaker. But they don’t know how adverse for them. The subwoofer has become needed by everyone. If you listen to a subwoofer for a long time at a high volume, then a harmful effect on your hearing. Sometimes you listen to sounds with high-volume bass while seeing movies at cinemas. You enjoy it there, but you don’t know its disadvantages.   

have you ever considered the volume of the space for a subwoofer? For example, listen to a subwoofer in the car at 80% volume and listen to the same in the room. In both places, you hear the subwoofer continuously for 4 hours. Therefore the car subwoofer would more effect on hearing than the room subwoofer. If you still don’t know Can Subwoofers Damage Your Hearing? don’t worry about it. We deeply explained below what listening to a Sub at an excessive volume does to your health.

Can Subwoofers Damage Your Hearing?

If you don’t care, the subwoofer Sound can damage your hearing. Typically, touching the 80 to 100-decibel mark is very alarming during listening to the subwoofer sound. If you want to be even louder, it means you abuse yourself. Typically, the 50 to 60-decibel mark is best for the human ears. 

Can Subwoofers Damage Your Hearing?

Sometimes you are in the car for a long drive, and the subwoofer becomes a necessary part of the ears. At the current time, you will be more enjoying the loader subwoofer. But after the drive, you feel the pain in the ears and brain. You should always care about your health. Otherwise, may you hear patients for a lifetime.

First of all, you should need to understand human hearing works. When we listen to any sound, the sound of the waves enters the ears through the ear canal and straight strikes the eardrum to create corresponding vibrations. The eardrum transmits vibrations in the middle ear. These vibrations transmit to the cochlea. The fluid inside the cochlea picks up, and those vibrations and hair cells oscillate at different frequencies. All process is a critical to human health. The bass-heavy stuck to the eardrum Than the simple sound of the speaker.

Even other noises and bad sounds can damage hearing. Usually, human sound frequency is from 20Hz to 20Khz. Try to place the subwoofer away 3 to 4 fits from you. The manufacturer recommends never placing the subwoofer close to your ears. If you use headphones, it is harmful to your hearing. When you hear the subwoofer in the car, its sound frequency is more stuck to your ears Than room subwoofers. I hope you understand the distance level between the subwoofer and ears. Try to hear the subwoofer at 50 to 60 volume in the car. 

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Do Subwoofers Hurt Ears?

The subwoofer will never hurt the ears if you don’t disturb the subwoofer. It means you should use volume under the frequency range. The loud volume will hurt you. Try to use a subwoofer according to the endurance of your ears. The subwoofer has a heavy bass sound frequency. If you hear the subwoofer at 100 volume may rattle the eardrum. May the ears cause of hurts in a short time.

Can A Subwoofer Hurt You?

The ears directly connect to the mind according to the physiological. If you are disturbed due to the loud subwoofer, it means the subwoofer hurt you as physically and mentally. When a person hears a subwoofer in loud sound, he will feel harmful effects on the mind but also enjoy it. 

Sometimes you want the loud sounds, but your neighbors are hurting as mentally. When the subwoofer produces high-quality bass, your body feels like vibrating too much. This vibration mentally hurts you.  

Can Subwoofers Cause Anxiety?

Of course, it can cause anxiety for other people when you hear loud sounds. Those people are entirely forced to nervousness which is never hearing a subwoofer regularly. You should take care of your neighbors. Otherwise, your neighbor has the right to complain against you.

Another hand may cause anxiety for your family and you. Loud subwoofers produce high-level bass and beats. These are harmful to the human brain. So, try to hear the subwoofer in low sound and bass, which sounds limited around you.

Is Bass OK For Your Ears?

There is no one-line answer to this question because the subwoofer control depends on you. You can easily control the sound and bass from the subwoofer. But you dont do it because you have become habituated to the subwoofer. The loud bass can hurt physically and mentally for everyone. If you feel pain in your ears and brain, it means you are disturbed as mentally. The bass is not best for human health, but you can hear it at low volume because some people are never satisfied form the subwoofer due to less bass. 

Is Bass An Addiction? 

No doubt, Music also plays a significant role in our lives. It is an addiction for the habituated person. When people hear subwoofers regularly, they cause by subwoofer addiction. Most people are addicted to the subwoofer bass. It is a bad habit. When people habituate to the subwoofer, they never feel pain in the ears. But they enjoy the bass and sound. I know these are all harmful and painful for you in the future. 

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Subwoofers produce low frequencies. If it gets loud enough, it can damage your ears. If you feel uncomfortable with sound and bass, Try to use a subwoofer at low frequency. Otherwise, it can disturb you as mentally and physically. 

Once my neighbor was disturbed due to the loud bass of my subwoofer. He complained to me about it. I was worried about my neighbor because he was disturbed due to me. I shifted the subwoofer to the other room under the table. Then I felt bass and sound is limited around. Maximum volume should be 50 to 60 in the room. 


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