Can I lay A Subwoofer On Its Side?

Willing install sound system anywhere;  adjustment position is required according to the design. Can I lay a subwoofer on its side? Its answer is yes. You can do it. But some requirements depend on the position of the subwoofer. Every subwoofer cannot lay its side. For example, The front-firing subwoofer and a down-firing subwoofer have different shapes and designs. So, down-firing subwoofers never lay on their side, and front-firing subwoofers can lay on their side. I know you understand it. It depends on the shape, design, and sound. 

There are required positions for the subwoofer placement Because 50% of the subwoofer sound quality depends on the placing position, and essential to think about quality and aesthetics. For example, you purchase a subwoofer for $2000. You feel the weak sound frequency. First, you should check the placing position of the subwoofer. The placing adjustments improve the sound quality. If you are worried about the subwoofer position let’s go below.

Can I lay A Subwoofer On Its Side?

There designed two types of subwoofers. Subwoofers are down-firing or front firing. Down-firing sub never is laid on its side because it’s with deep bass that vibrates the floor. You can hear it when you place the subwoofer near you. Another hand, a front-firing sub can lay on its side. It is possible only if the speaker is facing the listening area. You can adjust it to the best location. I already told you that subwoofer location improves sound frequency. It never harms the sub.

Can I lay A Subwoofer On Its Side?

First, check; is it suitable for this room? If you have the desire to place the sub in your room. Then check the best place where is adjust the sub in the room. You can place the subwoofer in the corner, center on the floor, and in other best places. Now, if your subwoofer can lay on its side, you can do this, For example, with front-firing or back-firing subwoofers. If you have a subwoofer that is designed to lay on its side, try that setting.

What is the best position for a subwoofer?

There are more options in the room for placing subwoofers. You can put the sub corners, center on the wall, on the floor, under the floor, shelves box, and under the furniture. You can lay the subwoofer on its side in the room. More often, people place a subwoofer in front of the room, which is an ideal location.


You want to place the subwoofer in the room. You know a room has four corners. You can place a subwoofer in any corner of the room. It depends on you which is the best corner for placing the subwoofer according to room adjustment. You can choose a corner to put the sub in which you feel the best sound frequency. 


The floor is the best option for placing the sub. You can put a subwoofer anywhere on the room floor. If the floor is furnished, it is good to work for the subwoofer. Otherwise, the wooden piece should use between the floor and the subwoofer. Because the subwoofer never vibrates on the wood and performance best sound quality.  

Wall Mount:

It is a common question that placed the subwoofer. A wall-mount subwoofer is the best option for the subwoofer. Can palace subwoofer center of the wall by using shelves. It does not matter where is the best place on the wall to put the subwoofer. Most people place the subwoofer around with the TV. Many manufacturers recommend the wall and floor for the putting subwoofer.

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Can you lay a car subwoofer on its back?

You can put the subwoofer in different positions in the car. If you place the subwoofer in the car trunk, it is best your choice. You can feel lude sound frequency. There should check the trunk size. Every car has a different trunk space. You can lay the car subwoofer on its back. It is possible only if you place the subwoofer in the car trunk. Also, you can put sub in the car sites And center console box. It depends on the place and subwoofer size. 

How can I make my subs louder?

Subwoofer location is must necessary for loud frequency from the subwoofer. Always should choose the best locations for putting the subwoofer. Try to it lay on its side if it is possible. Try to use things for the subwoofer, which is discussed in the upper. Another hand, if the subwoofer sounds weak suddenly. Maybe occur different issues with the subwoofer. Check the subwoofer location is stable, the old input/output cable, volume on the amplifier,  firmware updations, Adjust Crossover & Phase settings, and check the sub cone; you can louder it through these things. Otherwise, there may be a critical issue in the sub.  

What hits harder ported or sealed?

The ported enclosure gives more output sound frequency than the sealed one. The Sealed enclosed is closed around it. So its performance low than ported subs. Many manufacturers recommend the ported enclosure. Sometimes, necessary a sealed subwoofer is. For example, you want to use a subwoofer in a single cube truck or other small places. Otherwise, ported subs are best because they hit harder. The ported subwoofers are the most workable If you use a subwoofer for the living room and other vehicles.

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Can you put a subwoofer on a shelf?

Yes, the shelf is the best option to place the subwoofer that can mount on the wall. There are more shelf designs available in the market. You can purchase a beautiful shelf according to your subwoofer’s design and size. Most people use it for the subwoofer speaker. It can adjust anywhere on the wall. It helps you to keep sound and accrue the beauty of the room. If you want to adjust the subwoofer along the TV shelf is best for adjusting the subwoofer. I always recommend and use a shelf for placing my devices. You Can wall mount it easily.  

Final words:   

Can I lay A Subwoofer On Its Side? I know it is common to question, but important. You can lay it according to subwoofer design and placement where you adjust it Because needed to the recommendation of the manufacturer. The subwoofer manufacturer always recommends palace the subwoofer in the best and most secure places. 

The subwoofer is 50% impressed with the lay on its side. It’s possible only when the subwoofer is front or back-firing. If you feel the best sound quality, lay it on its side. It’s possible for the vehicles and home. There are the best places important for placing a subwoofer then you can take the second step like lying on its side or backside. Get the best ideas after listing subs then you can take the final adjustment. Leave a comment for encouragement. If you need help can contact us on social accounts. 

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