Best Subwoofers For Single Cab Trucks

Today most people have a desire for the best subwoofer for any aim. Suppose you want the best subwoofers for single cab trucks. You come to the right place because I’m researching precious and affordable subwoofers. I constantly research the products according to budget-friendly and customer demand which is trendy in the markets.

I know you are considering visiting the need to purchase the best products. I always tell you when you want to buy any product from the market. You should check the qualities like compatibility, full range, several channels, control method, budget-friendly, and build quality. These are some qualities that are needed to be checkable.

You are a beginner or an experienceable person, Don’t worry, You will agree with my recommended subwoofer. The top 4 subwoofers have budget-friendly, best performance, good ratings, and brand subwoofers. Suppose you are a beginner. Then it is best for you. You can buy a subwoofer according to your choice. Now come with me below.  

Best Subwoofers For Single Cab Trucks – Reviews (Top 7)

You can check the pros&cons and other all qualities which you have in your mind. I have explained the products. Please read all recommendations before purchasing products. Thus, you can buy a subwoofer according to your choice. Now come with me below. 

Best Subwoofers For Single Cab Trucks

Most Recommended:   1. Kicker thin Profile Subwoofer Enclosure

Kicker thin Profile Subwoofer EnclosureThis subwoofer represents our elite recommendation. It is the most useable and affordable subwoofer for beginners and pro persons. There it is made with the latest components.

Its performance is excellent. You will feel its sound quality like a powered subwoofer. You can get more properties which you have your mind. My friend also uses this subwoofer for trucks. He is happy with its qualities and performance.   

1. Modern Design:

It’s designed according to the latest technology. You know, Most brand versions are available in modern design. It looks like a thin profile and is beautiful. This profile fits perfectly under or behind truck seats. Most people have a desire to buy smart devices. The weight of the entire box is about 34lbs. Thus it is best for you.

2. Best performance:

I was impressed with its input and output performance. Its RMS power is 300 watts, RMS means how much continuous power an amplifier can output, and Max power is 600 watts. It is better to work according to input/output watts. It has the best sound quality, sound+Bass quality is 100% Perfect. Its impedance is 4 Ohm which represents the most powerful subwoofer. You can feel like a powered device.

3. Easy to control:

This device is easy to use. You can use it simply through remote buttons. You can connect the soundbar and other audio output devices to the Subwoofer through RCA cables. Most people ask that smart devices heat up. But this subwoofer never heats up when you use it. It is a floor-standing device. An inexperienced person can easily use it.

  • Use Latest component
  • Easy fit perfectly under or behind a seat
  • Good bang for your buck
  • Deep Bass
  • Browsing features doesn’t available
There it is manufactured for single cub trucks. I know you will agree with its super advantages. I recommended it according to the user’s requirements.

2. Rockville Slim  Amplified Powered Subwoofer

Rockville Slim  Amplified Powered SubwooferIt’s recommended especially for you. Rockville is in which one of the famous companies. The subwoofer has a beautiful look and a low price. This subwoofer is the slim and the latest version. Because its looks like a brand subwoofer which represents high prices. But its price is affordable.

I know it has the best sound and bass quality. It has the latest connectivity technology (RCA) components. Its dimension is 10 inches which is best for fits in the seats of the truck and other cars. 

1.  Super Slim design:

You know, nowadays people want a modern lifestyle. People have a desire to get slim and the latest technology. It is best for you According to your thinking. I know people like the modern design of the product. But they should check the performance quality along with modern design. Thus, it is best according to every instruction of subwoofers for single cab trucks. 

It has 3D Molded Acrylic Dust Cap. Expanded & Rolled Steal Basket. It has High-Density Laminated Foam Surround. You can get a modern and super subwoofer at a cheap rate. It has 300 Watts RMS CEA rated. And 10″ Super Slim Subwoofer. It has Ultra Stiff Composite Pulp Cone with Kevlar Reinforcement.

2. High-powered:

It is a high-power subwoofer. It has High Power Strontium Magnet with Ultra Saturated High BL Motor Structure. And Vented Core Magnet Motor Structure. It has a 2″ High-Temperature Aluminum Voice Coil. 8mm Washer & Yoke Plates. 13.6mm Peak-to-Peak X-Max. 60oz. Magnet Motor Structure. It means the motor is branded and more powerful.

3. Auto Sensible:

It is a High-Level Speaker and Level Input with Auto Start Music Sense. RJ11 Jack for Dash Mounted Bass Remote.150mV – 5V Variable Input Level. 24dB Low Pass Crossover Frequency 50Hz-250Hz. Low-Level RCA Inputs. It has Black Texture Synthetic Leather Front Panel. Impedance is 4 ohms. The frequency response is 43Hz-500Hz. SPL @ 1w/1m is 93dB.

  • Auto sensible
  • Super Slim Sealed
  • Include Mono Block Amplifier
  • High-Level Speaker
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to hook up
  • Great value for the money
  • Sounds great
  • Easy install
  • Flammable liquids or gasses
I used it two years ago. I felt the best performance. I especially liked it due to its low price. No doubt it is the best-branded subwoofer according to everything.  

3. Rockford Fosgate Prime Shallow Subwoofer Enclosure

Rockford Fosgate Prime Shallow Subwoofer EnclosureIt is a load subwoofer enclosure larger than the top two subwoofers. It is 12 inches, but you can use it easily in trucks and cars. Its sound and bass are more powerful. Mostly it is recommended for Surround Sound Systems. Its brand is Rockford, and its model is R2S-1X12.

When I used it for the first time, I was satisfied with its performance, but the price seemed too high. I forgot the high price after using it. I was happy with its sound quality and latest features, and these subs proved to be a perfect fit for my 86K10 seat that will slide back.  The latest options are available in this subwoofer.

1. Build quality:

Famous Rockford Fosgate builds quality with a full 1-year warranty when purchased from an authorized Rockford Fosgate reseller. The Warranty recommends us the best quality of the product. After facing any problems with the products, You can replace them. It is the best way of your satisfaction.

2. Wedge design:

It is a wedge design optimized for single-cab trucks with limited seat travel and is constructed with 5/8 inches MDF. They’re covered in high-density carpets and feature quick-release compression terminals. It fits in tight spaces due to the slim-line depth of 3.25″ on the top, which wedge design is good.

3. Easy to install:

It is easy to install and hook up to other audio devices. For example, if you want to connect an external amplifier with the subwoofer, that is important and easy to use. It can solve them if you are facing any problems with the subwoofer. Easy to reset the setting. You will good feel it using the sub. 

  • 1-year warranty
  • Sound+bass is deeply
  • Quality material
  • Fit well behind the seat
  • Affordable price according to quality.
  • Very eye-catching design
They have designed it specifically for spaces where we cannot use a traditional woofer. You can easily install it and hook it up with other devices

4. Pioneer TS-WX1210A  Sealed enclosure Active Subwoofer

Pioneer TS-WX1210A  Sealed enclosure Active SubwooferPioneer is a brand company where people want to purchase different products. Pioneer subwoofers have the best sound qualities and are available at a low price in the market. Its features are according to the brand version. It is an active subwoofer with a built-in amplifier.

I always recommend those products which most people like and available at a low price. This subwoofer properly fits in the single cube truck. It is with high-quality materials. It’s also budget-friendly. You can get every feature from this subwoofer that you have in your mind about subwoofers for single cab trucks. 

1. Built-In Amplifier:

It means this subwoofer is active. You know active subwoofer has Owen amplifier. The internal amplifier has more performance than the external amp. I also recommend an active subwoofer.

2. Subwoofer Features:

There Cellulose fiber cone is used in this subwoofer. This cone has better sound frequency than others. Its surround Frequency is Response 20 – 125 Sensitivity 114dB, which is best.

3. Amplifier Features: 

The subwoofer already has a Built-In Amplifier. Class D amplifier Cross Overs 0-12dB Bass Boost Remote knob included in this subwoofer. Class D Amplifier is the latest and most efficient sound frequency.

  • Include class D amplifier
  • Latest features available
  • Efficient surround Frequency
  • Sensitivity subwoofer
  • Narrow frequency band
  • Unfortunately, damage due to overload
Most truck owner’s preferred this subwoofer. That is the best If you find the best quality truck subwoofer at a cheap rate. 

5. Kicker 46HS10 Hideaway Powered Amplified Subwoofer

 Kicker 46HS10 Hideaway Powered Amplified SubwooferThe kicker is a famous brand company in the world. It is 10 inches powered Ampilifire subwoofer. It has an out-class sound performance.

It is the latest brand version that is for single cube trucks and cars.

There also Includes a bass control knob and a 20-foot cable. Its connectivity technology is RCA which is for the brand subwoofers. The Wired Bass Knob w/Cable and Full Copper Stinger Amp Kit include. 

1. Full Copper Amp Kit:

The Copper AMP kit includes that is a good thing for this product. There is Translucent Blue Power Wire. This kit is rarely with the other subwoofer. Otherwise need to purchase a separate subwoofer kit for the installation.

2. Special features:

The latest feature available in the Kiker 46HS10  model is according to the latest technology. It also features high- and low-level inputs for integration with nearly any factory or aftermarket head unit, plus two automatic turn-on options for easy activation.

3. The bundle includes Three items:

First, which is the best thing that the Manufacturer warranty on all items., The kicker amplified subwoofer has a bass knob and cable, a Car Toys Keychain, and a Stinger SS600XS full copper amp kit.

  • Items with warranty
  • Include installation features
  • Include the best Amp
  • Connectivity technology RCA
  • With FTI technology 
  • It’s small and compact
It fits perfectly under the driver-side seat of trucks and cars. It’s a good quality base for how small it is. It’s enough to have fun

6. Alpine PWD-X5 Wireless Powered Subwoofer

Alpine PWD-X5 Wireless Powered SubwooferAn alpine-powered subwoofer is one of the smart and best sound quality subwoofers. I know it is an expensive subwoofer. But when you check its latest features and quality brand, you’ll ignore the price and focus on the subwoofer performance.

I already used it for my car. It is also a wireless control subwoofer. I recently had this amp/sub installed in my vehicle. You can connect your smart devices with a subwoofer through Bluetooth like Mobile. No need for any wire when I use it in my car.

1. Wireless connection:

The connectivity technology is RCA, Bluetooth, and USB. It means you can use it as a wireless connection. It is the best availability. You can connect your Personal Computer, Smartphone with a subwoofer through Bluetooth. Also, it can use wire for connections.

2. Ports setup:

Ports setup is an avail option for hooking up devices. For example, you can connect the USB to the port while updating the software of the subwoofer. Can use any external devices as input/output uses. There are also 2 USB ports used for the included external Bluetooth dongle and to connect the wired remote control and PC for setup.

3. 4-channel amplifier:

A 4-channel amplifier includes in this sub. It means the amp is a brand and more powerful amp. It may be able to power ‘8’ or more speakers. Also, there includes a Digital Sound Processor (DSP) and a compact powered subwoofer.

  • Connectivity technology is wireless
  • Compatible Personal Computer, Smartphone
  • Include 4-channel amplifier
  • Digital Sound Processor
  • Free $100 Gift Card
  • 1-year Sonic Electronix Warranty
  • Needed updates after month for best working
It easily fits under the seats. You should purchase it if you are thinking of it for your truck or car. Also, more features are available in the sub.

7. Resilient Sounds Gold 15 (Dual 2 Ohm) Subwoofer

Resilient Sounds Gold 15 (Dual 2 Ohm) SubwooferIf you want a prepared subwoofer according to your design, It s recommended to you. Its subwoofer has a more efficient sound quality. Most vehicle owners use and recommend this subwoofer. Its sound quality is better than the made subwoofers.

There is the best thing that you can prepare the subwoofer according to your mindset. It is only a woofer without a box and amp. You can purchase a beautiful box for the subwoofer. Also, there needs an external Amp. 

1. Efficient sound quality: 

Its sound+bass quality is more efficient. It has Conservatively Rated 1000RMS/2000 Watts and Peak 3 inches 4 layer Voice Coil that is more for your satisfaction. It is enough according to sound quality.

2. High-quality material:

It’s necessary that know about the material of the product. The performance is 70% depending on the material quality. I always recommend a product with quality materials like copper or aluminum. It has FEA optimized triple stack motor with an aluminum shorting ring.

  • Adjustable anywhere
  • Save $50 On a Basshead Box!
  • Inexpensive with high-quality material
  • 1-year warranty 
  • Need a separate box
You’ll remember me and be satisfied with its sound+bass while hiring the subwoofer, and use it for every type of vehicle and home. Thus, I recommend it to you.     

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put subwoofers in a single cab truck? 

It is possible, can put a subwoofer in the single cube truck. But some subwoofer sizes adjust perfectly in the single cub truck. Mostly subwoofers are perfect fits in both cars and trucks. It depends on how much space is in your vehicle. You require a minimum 200 to maximum 600 watts subwoofer. It’s best for a thin profile box. But also you can put more watts subwoofer according to box enclosure. There should be a box design according to vehicle space. Also, you can put a subwoofer under the seats.

Where should I put my subs in my truck? 

There is no specific required space in the truck to adjust the subwoofer. It depends on you where you like to place the subwoofer in the trucks. I always recommend the back side of the vehicle, which is the best place to get more bass and sound because  I put the subwoofer on the back side of my car. Can place the subwoofer under the seats. It depends on the box dimension. 

Are lower ohms better for subs?

Ohms means, what is the resistance of the subwoofer? Resistance is lower for the best sound quality subwoofer. 2 ohms resistance subwoofers are louder than 4 ohms subwoofers. The subwoofer is best, which has low resistance. Resistance is the opposite of sound quality. 

What are the best subwoofers to put in a truck?

All brand subwoofers have deep bass, which I recommended subs at the upper. All recommended subwoofers are according to deep bass, but some local subwoofers have lower bass quality. So,  Don’t worry about it. All recommended subs are best for you if you want subwoofers with more sound and bass frequency that is Most brands are famous, like Kiker, Pioneer, Rockford, and other subwoofers. Most subwoofers are best, but you can best know after reading product reviews.

How do you build a sub-box for a single cab truck?

It is easy to make a box enclosure for the subwoofers that you can make a box at your home.  There needed some weapons before starting the procedure Small drill machine, cardboard of a plane wooden sheet or MDF sheet, glue, a simple cutter, a marker for pointing, and inch tape for measuring the size are required.

 Read more: How To Build Subwoofer Box?


  • Is it wireless subwoofers?

Alpine PWD-X5 25W x 4 DSP Amplifier + Wireless Powered Sub is a wireless subwoofer. But other all wired subwoofer which I listed at upper. Wireless subwoofer expensive than other subs. It depends on you. What do you like? If you want wireless subs, it’s best for you according to quality and affordability.

  • Would I have to purchase an amp?

Amp is compulsory, but if your sub is passive. The passive subwoofer is without an amp. Then we use an external amplifier for the subwoofers. If your subwoofer is active, then no need for any amp for the sub. Because active subwoofers have an internal amp. Mostly active subwoofers are included In my subwoofers list at the top.   

  • Will these fit behind the rear seat of the vehicle?

I recommended the subwoofer which is perfectly adjustable under the seats or other places in the vehicle. You can fit these subs anywhere. Because it’s slim and the latest version subwoofers that easily fit behind the seats. These subs are special for vehicles. If you already have a subwoofer, It depends on the box size.


Thanks for visiting our blog. Once you have a sub from my best Subwoofers For Single Cab Trucks, You’ll never be disappointed in your choices. I always recommend the best product, which is a famous quality brand and affordable. All the subs are adjustable in every type of vehicle. I know that a lot of people share the same interest as you. I hope that you can find what you are looking for here. You would be satisfied with recommended subs. They are easy to install and will fit in most trucks. 

You can contact us on social media accounts if you have questions about subwoofers. I’m always active on my social media account. I would be more than happy to assist you. Again, thanks so much for visiting our site. We hope to see you again soon!

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