Best Subwoofer For Toyota Tacoma?

Most people use subwoofers in the Toyota Tacoma, which has a deep bass and sound. Everyone aims to purchase good products for lifetime use. Unfortunately, most people never check its lifespan, which is the difference between local and branded subwoofers. There are more subwoofers available in the market, but for different purposes. Before purchasing, there is significant to check the subwoofer’s quality and rangeability. 

You can easily install the subwoofer in the Toyota Tacoma Than in other vehicles because there is no need to cut or splice your factory wiring. The best location for adjusting the subwoofer for the Toyota Tacoma is the doors, dashboard, and under seats. The subwoofer size is 3-1/2″ for the dashboard and 6×9″ for the front door. The DSP amplifier installs seamlessly under the driver’s seat as it is accurate. 

Suppose you come here to get a subwoofer for a particular Toyota Tacoma. Sure, you will get the best unique guidance here. Our research is budget-friendly and demandable in the markeet about subwoofers. Our product research would be budget-friendly and customer demand which is trendy in the markets. We recommend a compatible quality product, full range, several channels, control methods, and budget-friendly. If you are a beginner or an experienceable person, don’t worry. Sure you will agree with my recommendation. Check out below the Top 7 Best Subwoofer For Toyota Tacoma. 

Best Subwoofer For Toyota Tacoma?– Reviews (Top 7)

Before buying, you should check the qualities suitable for your aim. Each subwoofer operated for different purposes. As if you are finding the subwoofer for the Toyota Tacoma. Check the pros&cons of the product. You should read carefully all guidance about which you purchase the product. We recommend mostly those products which fulfill your needs. Check The top 4 subwoofers, which are budget-friendly and exact for the Toyota Tacoma.  

Top 7 Best Subwoofer For Toyota Tacoma?

Most Recommended: 1. Kicker Bundle Compatible Double Cab

Kicker Bundle Compatible Double Cab

This subwoofer is our first recommendation because it is budget-friendly and special for Toyota Tacoma.

I also personally used it for my vehicle. Its performance is excellent, and other futures are compatible.

American Sound Connection recommends its brand. You can visit different subwoofers in the market. Its sound quality will be different from our recommended subwoofer.  

Compatible Brand:

It is C10 Dual 10″ Loaded Sub Box Enclosure. It is compatible with every Toyota Tacoma model.  There are modern features in this subwoofer. Its design is according to the latest technology models. Most people have the desire to buy this kicker brand subwoofer. We also Installed it in an ’06 Tacoma, and it fits great.

American sound quality:

Most people prefer the American sound connection. Its good connection is an American brand. Different brands are available in the market for selling products, like Harmony Audio, but people don’t forget the American sound connection. You feel its sounds like a powered subwoofer but soft.

Affordable and adjustable:

First off, for money. it is more budget-friendly than another subwoofer. Secondly, with minor altercations to the back of the cab, the box fits extremely snugly, which is a good thing. The adjustable subwoofer is well-performed, which is best for you. 

  • Budget-friendly
  • American sound connection
  • Fits extremely
  • Car Mounted
  • Immense bass drop in a song
  • eye-catching design
  • In 3 colors available
The lifespan of the Kiker brand is a long time. You will enjoy its sound if you adjust it in your vehicle.

2. Alpine Compatible subwoofer with S-A60M Amplifier

Alpine Compatible subwoofer with S-A60M Amplifier

It is recommended especially for you. It’s a 10″ subwoofer enclosure with S-A60M Amplifier and 4GA Amp Wiring Kit. Alpine is in which one of the famous companies.

It has the best sound quality. Its body is branded and beautiful look.

 Its dimension is 10 inches which are best for fitting in the seats of Toyota Tacoma and other cars. You get three products within the package, and also budget-friendly.


You can feel the sound like a high-powered subwoofer. It has deep bass and sound frequency. It’s an American sound connection which is preferable according to applicable quality. The 4GA amp wiring kit is more precious for performance. Its sound frequency is very explicit than another powered subwoofer because Its motor is branded and more powerful.

Included Amplifier:

Enclosed is an S-A60M Amplifier in this affordable package. You can use this amplifier as externally with the subwoofer. It means that it is comfortable to use in other places. But it’s used for Toyota Tacoma and other vehicles. The manufacturer always recommends the best matching devices which are compatible. The amplifier and the 4GA wiring kit recommended by the manufacturer have a long lifespan. The amplifier performs different modern functionality.

  • Include Amplifire+kit
  • Modern functionality perform
  • Connectivity technology
  • Beautiful look
  • Affordable
  • American standard sound
  • Included package
 It is a Double Cab Compatible with a 2005-15 Toyota Tacoma. It has the latest connectivity technology.

3. JBL BassPro Powered Subwoofer Enclosure

JBL BassPro Powered Subwoofer Enclosure

This subwoofer has more qualities. It is designed especially for vehicles that are suitable for every type. 

It is a Soft start turn-on and speaker-level (high-level) inputs with Audio Sense.

It has a Peak 250 watts RMS and 125 watts Efficient Class D amplifier. If you want a subwoofer at less cost for your car, never ignore this subwoofer.

Commercial uses:

A subwoofer is used as commercially for every type of car because it is adjustable under the seats. An efficient Class D amplifier adjusts in this device which is the best recommendation for car subwoofers. I recently had this amp/sub installed in my vehicle. Most people use this subwoofer in cars due to its being budget-friendly.

Remote controller:

The remote controller is available in different branded subwoofers. Most people like the wireless subwoofer. There is no need for any wire wiring. Adjust it under the seats and connect it to the car stereo. you would be impressed with this feature in this budget. 

Soft start turn-on:

The soft start feature is more attractive for the subwoofer. When it turns on, it will slowly increase. You feel the charming sound quality, and don’t disturb you during turn-on like other subwoofers. If the soft turn-on feature is not available in the system, maybe it sounds disturbing to you during turn-on.

  • Soft turn-on
  • Charming sound quality
  • Remote controller
  • Commercial uses
  • small spaces
  • Very rich and deep bass
  • Small size
It is compactable under the seats of cars. It has load sound and pro bass. Its dimensions are 8”, which is enough according to the car seats.

4. Kicker Bundle Compatible with Dual Loaded Sub Box

 Kicker Bundle Compatible with Dual Loaded Sub Box

The kicker is a famous brand company for musical instruments. This model applies to Toyota Tacoma’s 2001-2014 model. But you can use it for another model. The manufacturer recommends the instructions.

It is a custom Dual 10″ Sub Box enclosure package with the latest features. Its dimension is 10.  Its good quality brand is American Sound Connection, with a highly recommended position.

High-quality material:

Before buying, you should check the material quality of the subwoofer because 70% of performance depends on the subwoofer material. we recommend subwoofers are made using RCA technology. First, we use these models to check their hardware and software according to the latest technology.  

Best performance:

When I utilized it for the first time in my ford car, The performance was more precious than I expected. Its lifespan was more than I expected. When it sounds at high volume, you never feel its punchy sound. The American sound connection is functioning in this subwoofer. You know, most people prefer the American sound quality. American sound is trustable and compatible with every type of Amplifier and stereo.

  • American Sound Connection
  • Trustable and compatible
  • Highly recommend sound
  • RCA Technology use
  • Without Amplifier
Most Toyota Tamaco owners use and recommend this subwoofer enclosure. Its sound quality is better than other car-mount subwoofers.

5. Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 Restyle Compact Subwoofer

 Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 Restyle Compact Subwoofer

This subwoofer is by the Alpine brand, which is famous worldwide. Its 32Hz-150Hz Frequency Response and Power Rating is 120W RMS. RCA (0.1-4V) / Speaker Input (1.5-30V/Auto Sensing).

This subwoofer has more modern abilities, which are more useful in the car. Its also housed Together In A Cast Aluminum Enclosure which means strong capability. If you find a budget-friendly and universal subwoofer, so don’t leave this subwoofer. The Compact Size Measures Just 13.5” L X 9” W X 3” D. Installed Under Or Behind A Seat In A Vehicle. 

RCA Technology:

RCA Technology is the latest opportunity in the subwoofer. An RCA connects the subwoofer to the receiver to ensure the efficient transfer of digital signals. The RCA, Auto-Sensing Speaker, and level Inputs are on the subwoofer’s side panel.

Remote control:

This model is a remote controller with a car stereo that is very comfortable for the owner. This feature is available in every latest brand version. Otherwise, the wire is compulsory for connectivity. You know most people prefer wireless devices for personal uses. So we always try to find the subwoofers, which have the latest function. 

  • RCA Technology
  • Auto-Sensing
  • remote controller
  • for universal vehicles
  • Aluminum Enclosure
  • Alpine Restyle Brand
  • It’s small and compact
It is PWE-S8 Restyle Compact Powered. It is adjustable for the universal vehicle. You can adjust the subwoofer at any place in the vehicle.

6. Kicker Bundle Compatible with  Double Cab 

 Kicker Bundle Compatible with  Double Cab

It is a kicker Bundle Compatible with the 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma. The brand’s subwoofers have the best quality. I already used it for my Toyota Tacoma. Really, after hearing this sub, I forgot the price of this subwoofer.

I know its price is high, but the sound quality attracts you to this subwoofer. Mosty the alpine subwoofer is out of budget, but we always pay attention to its best performance. The branded subwoofer always has more prices, but they have a best lifespan than local brands. So I always recommend precious quality brand subwoofers. 

Best Lifespan: 

Kicker and other brand companies offer a warranty for the product the lifespan. Alpine subwoofers have the best lifespan of around 10 to 15 years if you use them carefully. The material used in the product is high quality. The alpine brand gives us the latest features like other big brands.

Easy to control:

It’s not difficult to install in the car like others. If you already have an amplifier in the vehicle only needs to be connected to the stereo through one wire. You can control the subwoofer through a simple stereo. There is no need for a remote control for the subwoofer. Otherwise, you install the external amplifier in your car.   

  • Best lifespan
  • Latest Features
  • American connection
  • Beautiful look
  • High material used
  • Very eye-catching design
This subwoofer enclosure is 2 ohms. The sound and bass are 100% perfect. And the design is attractive.

7. Harmony Audio Loaded Sub Box Enclosure

Harmony Audio Loaded Sub Box Enclosure

Some people consider the Harmony Audio brand has a low-quality sound frequency Than other brands. But some people always follow the Harmony brand as sound quality. It is the best brand for sound systems because I followed it Five years ago. 

It also has the latest features and the best lifespan. It is Compatible with the 2005-15 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab. its size is 10” with a beautiful look. Its type is car mounting with Harmony audio sound connection. 

Most inexpensive:

When You compare its prices with another brand’s subwoofers,  you will feel it is budget-friendly. Its size and body look the same as another brand subwoofer. If you visit the market, you never get the subwoofer at this price. Just difference between them is brand and price. If you find an inexpensive and best-quality subwoofer, don’t ignore it. It’s in good condition as an awesome-sounding system at a reputable price. 

Build quality:

Harmony brand offers the best material quality. Generally, The lifespan depends on the material quality. Some people leave it due to its quality and material being inexpensive. But it’s doesn’t a reliable cause. I was confused about its quality when I bought it for the first time. After hearing its sound and checking its lifespan, I can’t forget this brand. 

  • Quality material
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Best lifespan
  • Latest Features
  • Unfortunately, damage due to overload

 If you have a low budget, it is more suitable for you. Its sound quality is more precious and also budget-friendly.


                           Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a subwoofer in Tacoma?

Of course, The Subwoofer is adjustable easily in the Toyota Tacoma. There are different brands of quality subwoofers available in the markeet for Tacoma. But every subwoofer can’t adjust in Tacoma. You can buy subwoofers according to your car model. But it makes sure they are compatible with Tacoma models. 

I also listed the subwoofers at the upper that are mainly for Toyota Tacoma. These are suitable subwoofers for Tacoma. They are budget-friendly and branded subwoofers. You can get its qualities and other important information about each subwoofer.  

What brand of the subwoofer is best for trucks?

There are different brands of subwoofers on the market. You Should prefer quality subwoofers that have the best lifespan. Kicker, alpine, and harmony brands are best for everything.  I hope you will not face any difficulties. You check at the upper in my top recommended subwoofers.

If you find a subwoofer for your car truck, check the top-recommended subwoofers that are most compatible with the truck. There is a local brand subwoofer available same branded subwoofer. The significant difference between them is quality material. Local brands’ products have less lifespan. Please avoid local products.   

Related Guide: Top Best Subwoofers For Trucks

Are 12-inch subs louder than 10? 

The 12-inch subwoofer has more power than 10. Its body and cone size big than a 10-inch subwoofer. The bass and sound depend on the subwoofer size and quality. Sometime subwoofer size depends on you. If you use a subwoofer for essential purposes, The 10” subwoofer is better for you. Otherwise 12” subwoofer is not a wrong choice, but it’s better to get high-level bass. If you use the same quality branded subwoofers, it’s possible that 12” is louder than 10” subwoofers.

Is it better to have 1 or 2 subwoofers?     

First, make sure the space is suitable for the subwoofers. Second, check how many subwoofers are adjustable to your satisfaction. If you want a subwoofer for your car, the subwoofers are adjustable for a maximum of 1 to 2 subwoofers. Otherwise, no doubt, installing multiple subwoofers in your theater room will yield significantly better and smoother bass. It depends on the space where you adjust the subwoofer.

Should I get 2 or 4-ohm subwoofers?

The Ohm means the resistance of the sound frequency that is caused to the flow of the frequency. The 4-ohm subwoofer has more resistance than the 2-ohm subwoofer. So 2ohm subwoofers are louder than 4ohm ones. 

Most branded subwoofers have less ohm resistance which is the opposite of the latest features and sound quality. The recommended subwoofer at the upper is a less ohm subwoofer and the most reliable, So try to use fewer ohms subwoofers.

                 Things To Know Before Buying

Compatible Subwoofers:

Compatible means the subwoofer should be friendly with cars. Otherwise may create significant problems with performance. Check the connection between the stereo and subwoofer for compatible devices. All upper recommended subwoofers are compatible with different models of Tacoma cars.

These latest features are available in just brand subwoofers. Compatible subwoofers have availability to use with various cars’ stereos and Amps. otherwise, the subwoofer is designed just for one car model. Always try to use a compatible brand subwoofer with the latest features in cars and other places. 

Less Resistance ohm:

The resistance is always opposite to the frequency flow. We always recommend a less resistance subwoofer, which has incredible performance. Now the brand subwoofers have low to low resistance. If you want a louder sound, get a 2 Ohm subwoofer.

But if you want a clear and deeper bass, a 4 Ohm subwoofer is the best for you. Most manufacturers recommend a 2-ohm subwoofer for individual uses. We always recommend subwoofers which are high-frequency sound and apply less resistance. Please try to don’t choose the 6 to 8-ohm subwoofer.  

Full Ranges:

The ranges depend on the audio frequency and hardware abilities. The full range of subwoofers reproduces as much of the audible frequency range as possible. The frequency ranges can maximize or minimize through the use of a cone and other components.

Try to use regular subwoofers and full-range subwoofers because they have multiple components and use separate drever to produce sound frequency. Mostly full ranges subwoofers which are recommended at upper for you. The full-range speaker driver is responsible to reproduce sound frequencies from 40 Hz to 300 Hz.


Our priority is your 100% Satisfaction with the qualities of the subwoofers. Second, your responsibility to check the sound performance and the features of the brand version. Before buying, make sure you agree with its original quality brand. we recommend beneficial and proven subwoofers. First of all, we use it and get its sound experience. Then we recommend it to you with confirmed arguments and pros/cons.

Most people buy the subwoofer directly from amazon and other local platforms and then are disappointed with it. There is occur problem you don’t get accurate information about the product. You lost your money. You can get proper information if you like a subwoofer through our platform. I hope you don’t dispute our recommended top 7 best subwoofers for Toyota Tacoma. If you have any questions, contact us on our social accounts.    


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